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Patrick O'Brian
“Stephen had spared no expense in making himself more unhappy, his own position as a rejected lover clearer.”
Patrick O'Brian, H.M.S. Surprise

Pamela Cummins
“Rejection Is God’s Protection
When someone rejects or breaks up with you, it may be a blessing in disguise. The person was not right for you. Or maybe you would have eventually been miserable with them. Now the door is open for someone else much better to come into your life.”
Pamela Cummins, Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love

“Love is a form of energy, and similar to all forms of energy, it is both essential for life and dangerous. Love can enrich a person’s life or destroy a person’s world. Love is a catalytic agent of change because it makes us dare to become the best person that we can be. Falling in love for the first time drives a person to the cusp of madness, while the bitter aftermath of a love lost irrevocably alters the positive and negative aspects of a person’s character. Withstanding rejection by a lover, we discover within us those ingredients that we will need in order to find our life mate and complete ourselves as man and woman.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

“A man who rejects you is simply clearing the way for the One you deserve.”
Naide P Obiang

“There would be no crying- that was for children, and she was now the fiancee of a man who did dangerous and exciting things late at night. She could not act like a child. But oh, how it stabbed at her, to be left like this. To have been prepared to give herself completely and to be rejected.”
Anna Godbersen, Beautiful Days