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Jazz Feylynn
“Welcome to Book-a-holic Anonymous.

Hi, I'm Jazz and I am addicted to the written word. I love the smell of the blackest ink sliding across texture paper. My eyes squint against the loss of time within the pages of story. I don't think there's a cure for my compulsion to lose myself within life and times of those characters bound between the covers.”
Jazz Feylynn

Daniel Pennac
“The question isn't whether I have time to read or not (time that nobody will ever give me, by the way), but whether I'll allow myself the pleasure of being a reader.”
Daniel Pennac, Comme un roman

Natsume Sōseki
“If he let one day pass without glancing at a single page, habit led him to feel a vague sense of decay. Therefore, in the face of most intrusions, he tried to arrange it so that he could stay in touch with the printed word. There were moments when he felt that books constituted his only legitimate province.”
Natsume Sōseki, And Then

Nicholaa Spencer
“I like two types of dust: pixie dust and dust from old, first edition books.”
Nicholaa Spencer

“when you read once, you get the understanding ; when you read twice, you get the second understanding. Don't just read, read!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“Gain Experience from Other People

When you are reading, you are actually gaining the knowledge and experience of someone. It can hasten your success towards a goal, as you don’t need to repeat the same mistake while focusing on the right path in achieving one thing. It’s like a mountain of gems for you to discover in books, which contain people’s successes, failures and advice. Life is too short for you to keep repeating the mistakes that had been done by other people in the past, in order for you to reach the results that someone might already reached. There are more than four thousand billionaires and 12 million millionaires today. To become one of them, the first thing is to learn and get to know their past, what they did in the past that makes them where they are today. Reading is a great path to get to know them, and learn from these great people.
JJ Wong

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