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Ta-Nehisi Coates
“An unceasing interrogation of the stories told to us by the schools now felt essential. It felt wrong not to ask why, and then to ask it again. I took these questions to my father, who very often refused to offer an answer, and instead referred me to more books. My mother and father were always pushing me away from secondhand answers—even the answers they themselves believed. I don’t know that I have ever found any satisfactory answers of my own. But every time I ask it, the question is refined. That is the best of what the old heads meant when they spoke of being “politically conscious”—as much a series of actions as a state of being, a constant questioning, questioning as ritual, questioning as exploration rather than the search for certainty.”
Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me

Dan Pearce
“Just because you were born into something doesn't mean that it's right and it doesn't mean that it's true. The world's greatest men and women have always been those who questioned everything that ever was presented to them as truth.”
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

“We should, I think, proceed to enquire into what we mean by ideals - or rather, to examine, critically, the nature of those acts which to us appear to be outward manifestations of idealisms”
John Okechukwu Munonye, A Wreath For The Maidens

Christopher Earle
“Is Wisdom derived from the accumulation of one's experiences, or rather one's thoughtful reflection upon what he has learned throughout the process?”
Christopher Earle

Laurie Seidler
“Doubt is not an offense. Questioning is a step toward understanding. I am riven by beauty. I am humbled by grace. I strive to be kind, but not because I was told to.”
Laurie Seidler, 22 Shelters: Lessons From Letters

Justin Bienvenue
“Before you wonder ‘Am I doing things right?’ ask yourself, ‘Am I doing the right things?”
Justin Bienvenue, Opium Warfare

Brad McKinniss
“I want you to ask yourself the entire time before you meet me, 'Is this really what I want?”
Brad McKinniss, Beast Machine