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“We live in a world that is beyond our control, and life is in a constant flux of change. So we have a decision to make: keep trying to control a storm that is not going to go away or start learning how to live within the rain.”
Glenn Pemberton, Hurting with God

William Godwin
“Strange that men, from age to age, should consent to hold their lives at the breath of another, merely that each in his turn may have a power of acting the tyrant according to the law! Oh, God! give me poverty! Shower upon me all the imaginary hardships of human life! I will receive them with all thankfulness. Turn me a prey to the wild beasts of the desert, so I be never again the victim of man, dressed in the gore-dripping robes of authority! Suffer me at least to call life, the pursuits of life, my own! Let me hold it at the mercy of the elements, of the hunger of the beasts, or the revenge of barbarians, but not of the cold-blooded prudence of monopolists and kings!”
William Godwin, Caleb Williams

“As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.”
Anonymous, The Holy Bible: King James Version

“All my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began.

Psalm 139:16”
S. L. Rubart

Charles Haddon Spurgeon
“The Man of Sorrows is now anointed with the oil of gladness above his fellows. Returned in triumph from the overthrow of all his foes, he offers his own rapturous Te Deum in the temple above, and joys in the power of the Lord. Herein let every subject of King Jesus imitate the King; let us lean upon Jehovah's strength, let us joy in it by unstaggering faith, let us exult in it in our thankful songs. Jesus not only has thus rejoiced but he shall do so as he sees the power of divine grace bringing out from their sinful hiding-places the purchase of his soul's travail; we also shall rejoice more and more as we learn by expeience more and more fully the strength of the arm of our covenant God. Our weakness unstrings our harps, but his strength tunes them anew.”
Charles Spurgeon

“According to Benedict's scheme, the community reads through... the entire book of Psalms every week. The monks are therefore exposed... to all the despairing, doubtful, bitter, vindictive, jingoistic, nationalistic, and seemingly racist passages in the Psalter. It is not that every sentiment expressed by a psalmist is admirable, but that in praying the Psalms, we confront ourselves as we really are. The Psalms are a reality check to keep prayer from becoming sentimental, superficial, or detached from the real world.”
Richard H. Schmidt, Glorious Companions: Five Centuries of Anglican Spirituality

C.S. Lewis
“But this is one of the rewards of reading the Old Testament regularly. You keep on discovering more and more what a tissue of quotations from it the New Testament is; how constantly our Lord repeated, reinforced, continued, refined, and sublimated, the Judaic ethics, how very seldom He introduced a novelty...The Light which has lightened every man from the beginning may shine more clearly but cannot change. The Origin cannot suddenly start being, in the popular sense of the word, "original".”
C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

N.T. Wright
“To recognize that the Psalms call us to pray and sing at the intersections of the times--of our time and God's time, of the then, and the now, and the not yet--is to understand how those emotions are to be held within the rhythm of a life lived in God's presence.”
N.T. Wright, The Case for the Psalms: Why They Are Essential

“Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race. Everyone lies to their neighbor; they flatter with their lips but harbor deception in their hearts.”
Anonymous, Psalms (Bible #19), ESV

“And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.”
Psalm 9:10

Dorothy Day
“My soul hath thirsted after the strong living God; when shall I come and appear before the face of God?' (Psalm 42:2) But the Psalmist also says, 'In death there is no one that is mindful of thee.' So it made me happy that I could be with my mother the last few weeks of her life, and for the last ten days at her bedside daily and hourly. Sometimes I thought to myself that it was like being present at a birth to sit by a dying person and see their intentness on what is happening to them. It almost seems that one is absorbed in a struggle, a fearful, grim, physical struggle, to breathe, to swallow, to live. And so, I kept thinking to myself, how necessary it is for one of their loved ones to be beside them, to pray for them, to offer up prayers for them unceasingly, as well as to do all those little offices one can. When my daughter was a little tiny girl, she said to me once, 'When I get to be a great big woman and you are a little tiny girl, I'll take care of you,' and I thought of that when I had to feed my mother by the spoonful and urge her to eat her custard. How good God was to me, to let me be there. I had prayed so constantly that I would be beside her when she died; for years I had offered up that prayer. And God granted it quite literally. I was there, holding her hand, and she just turned her head and sighed.”
Dorothy Day, The Reckless Way of Love: Notes on Following Jesus

Sarah Christmyer
“There's a reason Psalm 51 is the best known of the Penitential Psalms and one of the best-loved psalms of all. It speaks to the deep pain we feel inside us when we sin, and then it shows us the mercy of God. His is the love of a Father who sees his child's stricken face — washes the tears away — and then reaches inside to create in us "a clean heart;" to breathe "a new and right spirit" within us.”
Sarah Christmyer, Create in Me a Clean Heart: Ten Minutes a Day in the Penitential Psalms

S.Y. Agnon
“This is in line with what the Yalkut notes: when King David finished composing the Book of Psalms, he boasted to the Holy One, blessed be He, "Master of the Universe! Is there anything in the world that lifts up its voice in song like me?"—upon which a frog appeared before him and said, "Do not be so proud of yourself. I sing more than you do.”
S.Y. Agnon, A City in Its Fullness

John Eldredge
“When we are in the darkness, we begin to feel like we have always been there. But it is not true. David reminds himself that God has been faithful in the past; God will be faithful again. He urges himself to put his hope in God because the morning will come.”
John Eldredge, Moving Mountains: How You, God, and Prayer Can Change Things for Good
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“Be still and know that I am God”
Anonymous, Holy Bible: New International Version

Tony Hendra
“The Offices rerooted me in a tradition where, monk or not, I would always be at home. From long ago I knew the power of their repetition, the incantatory force of the Psalms. But they had an added power now. As a kid, the psalmist (or psalmists) had seemed remote to me, the Psalms long prayers which sometimes rose to great poetry but often had simply to be endured. For a middle-aged man, the psalmists' moods and feelings came alive. One of the voices sounded a lot like a modern New Yorker, me or people I knew: a manic-depressive type A personality sometimes up, more often down, sometimes resigned, more often pissed off, railing about his sneaky enemies and feckless friends, always bitching to the Lord about the rotten hand he'd been dealt. That good old changelessness.”
Tony Hendra, Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul

“As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness;
I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.
-Psalm 17:15”
God, New King James Version

“It is for my good that I was afflicted, so that I might learn Your statutes. [...] Had Your Torah not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.”
Anonymous, Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures
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“Remove Your affliction from me; I am devastated by the attack of Your hand. In reproach for sin You chastened man; like a moth, You wore away that which is precious to him. All mankind is nothing but futility, forever. Hear my prayer, O Lord, listen to my cry; do not be silent to my tears, for I am a stranger with You, a sojourner like all my forefathers. Turn from me, that I may recover my strength, before I depart and I am no more.”
Anonymous, Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures
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“The Torah of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul; the testimony of the Lord is trustworthy, making wise the simpleton.”
Anonymous, Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures
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Tracy Guzeman
“She told me she'd chosen something for the headstone, part of a verse from Psalm eighty-four- 'Yea, the sparrow hath found an house.' I never got to see it; the headstone was being engraved."
"'And the swallow a nest for herself.' That was one of my mother's favorite psalms," he said.”
Tracy Guzeman, The Gravity of Birds

Sarah Christmyer
“There’s something about lifting your voice to God, especially in the words of the Psalms. If you have something to be thankful for, it gives shape to your gratefulness. And if you don’t, the song becomes a place into which to pour your overflowing heart. The psalms give voice to your sorrow and pain, and singing them lifts up your heart. It resets your focus on God and gives you hope.”
Sarah Christmyer, Becoming Women of the Word: How to Answer God's Call with Purpose and Joy

Sarah Christmyer
“The Psalms are a school of prayer in which we can learn to gather our troubles, fears, inadequacies, and needs and take them to the One who loves us. With confidence, we can cry with the psalmist, "O Lord, make haste to help me!”
Sarah Christmyer, Lord, Make Haste to Help Me!: Seven Psalms to Pray in Times of Need

“If we don’t live for him, we end up fighting God himself.”
Tim Keller, The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms
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“No Christian believing rightly in God should ever be off his guard. He should always be on the look-out for temptation, so that when it comes he will not be surprised or disturbed, but will gladly endure the toil and affliction it causes, and so will understand what he is saying when he chants with the prophet: 'Prove me, Lord, and try me' (Ps. 26:2. LXX). For the prophet did not say, 'Thy correction has destroyed me', but, 'it has upheld me to the end' (Ps. 18:35. LXX).”
Ilias the Presbyter

Priscilla Shirer
“A favorite verse of Scripture says it best and most succinctly : "Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4). This doesn't mean that He's necessarily giving you what you want, but rather that He is in the process of transforming your soul to desire what He wants.”
Priscilla Shirer

Chimnese Davids
“I  live  by  faith  in  a  world  that  has  so  much  pain, where  life  can  sometimes  take  you  under. However,  there  is  something  bigger  than  all  of  us. It  is  the  source  of  my  energy  flow   that  flows  with  pure  white  water  coming  forth   from  a  fountain  taking  me  under,  but  purifying  me from  within. - To The Invisible Eye”
Chimnese Davids, No Greater Love Than This

David  Knott
“This brings us to one of the deepest truths in all scripture: It is not about you; it is all about him. This truth will set you free. About the eternal God, God the Son, Jesus Christ – Colossians 1:16 tells us that, ‘all things were made by him and for him’, and that includes you and me. You and I exist for our Lord Jesus, to live for him, and he enables us to do that by being our shepherd.”
David Knott, The Psalm 23 Life: Experiencing the Love of God Every Day

“Fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” Their deeds are loathsome and corrupt; not one does what is right. The Lord looks down from heaven upon the human race, to see if even one is wise, if even one seeks God. All have gone astray; all alike are perverse. Not one does what is right, not even one.
Psalm 14:1-3”
King David, Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon

Eugene H. Peterson
“David's isn't an ideal life but an actual life.”
Eugene H. Peterson, Leap Over a Wall: Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians
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