Promises In Death Quotes

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Melina Marchetta
“Promise me you'll never stop dreaming.”
Melina Marchetta, Looking for Alibrandi

J.D. Robb
“Life is full of circles”
J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb
“Not fair! Okay, what's the record? How many times?
If you can count them, he didn't drop you out.
Nadine groaned, shuddered, grinned. 'Bitch.”
jd robb

J.D. Robb
“When you find nothing, Morris said, it means you're eliminating what surrounds the something.
Is that a Zen thing? Eve questioned.
If not, it should be.”
jd robb

J.D. Robb
“Something your father wouldn't have told you, he began. Taking blood, it leaves a mark on you. No matter how it's done, or how it's justified, it leaves a mark that goes in deep. Be sure you're willing to wear that mark before you take the blood.”
JD Robb

J.D. Robb
“Hey, pretty damn smart aren't you? You made it just ugly enough. inconspicuous. Nobody looks twice."

"I have to admit, that was a hard one for me. I think one of the designers had a breakdown. Cried for an hour”
JD Robb

Stacey T. Hunt
“We'll see Heaven together. I promise with all my heart I'll never leave you alone.”
Stacey T. Hunt, Wherever I Go


It's a tear i want to shed,
For the weathered roses that once was red,

Today it's a decision want to make,
To move on in life ignoring the fate,

It's the promises i want to break,
Because its a nightmare and i want to awake,

It is the poem that don't rhyme,
I don't know how, but things changed with the tides of time,

It's the memories i want to forget,
Now i am tired, no more i can regret,

I'm the one, who feels alone in the crowd,
I want to cry, run and shout out loud,

Please leave me alone, relieve me from the pain,
I am empty now, there is nothing more you can regain,

Look at me and deep into my eyes,
You will find the love that never dies,”
Ratish Edwards