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Steven Magee
“The 2016 USA presidential election race clarified how an evil Nazi dictator like Adolf Hitler was able to come to power in global politics.”
Steven Magee

“When you turn a blind eye to atrocities, you are complicit in them.”
David Crossman, A Terrible Mercy: 11/17/2014

“Rick Wilson, a national GOP strategist, has called Trump "a virus that has infected the Republican party." He often recites a litany of vengeful acts Trump has engaged in which disqualify him from the position of Commander in Chief.”
Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy, What Donald Trump Supporters Need to Know: But Are Too Infatuated to Figure Out

David McCullough
“To his own children he was at once the ultimate voice of authority and, when time allowed, their most exuberant companion. He never fired their imaginations or made them laugh as their mother could, but he was unfailingly interested in them, sympathetic, confiding, entering into their lives in ways few fathers ever do. It was a though he was in league with them.”
David McCullough, Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt

Jennifer Lane
“Do I have to give you hair torture to get it out of you?”

What is that? From the light in her eyes and the jaunty uptick of her mouth, I had a sense it would be pleasurable. “Do what you must.”

In a dash, she pinned my wrists above my head. Her head dipped and her thick hair engulfed me, sweeping across my face and filling my mouth. “Nooo!” I half-heartedly pressed against her hold.

“Give it up, Dane.” I could hear the laughter in her voice.

“Never!” I thrashed my head from side to side, trying to breathe through the black curtain blinding and drowning me. “You’re killing me!”

“Jeez, you take this even worse than Matty.”

I groaned. “With a sister like you, I feel sorry for him.”

There was a sharp rap on the door. “Are you okay in there?” China asked.

Lucia glanced at me, and we both cracked up.”
Jennifer Lane, Blocked

Steven Magee
“Beware of anything to do with President Obama...I speak from experience.”
Steven Magee

Harriet Boyd Hawes
“Why shouldn't two new Justices be appointed each administration? A re-elected President would then have four opportunities to appoint. At the beginning of each administration, the two oldest Justices would automatically hand in their resignations, to take effect at the President's convenience. Thus new blood would be infused into the Court at regular intervals without rancour, and the Court would normally be renewed every 16 years ... Whenever death or retirement occurred, the President would have an extra appointment.”
Harriet Boyd Hawes, Born to Rebel: The Life of Harriet Boyd Hawes