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“I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am”
Ernest Holmes

Brother Lawrence
“O my God, since thou art with me, and i must now, in obedience to thy commands, apply my mind to these outward things, i beseech thee to grant me the grace to continue in thy presence; and to this end do thou prosper me with thy assistance, receive all my works, and possess all my affections." (Bro. Lawrence implored His grace and offered to Him all his actions).”
Brother Lawrence

Amit Ray
“The reason that some people could not find God is because they search God in dead things. They are almost ignorant about the presence of the living God.”
Amit Ray

“To accomplish the purpose of God is to dwell where his presence and glory is”
Sunday Adelaja

R. Alan Woods
“It takes practice to become proficient at something. Practicing the presence of God will make us good at it.”
R. Alan Woods, The Journey Is The Destination: A Photo Journal

Pope Francis
“Jesus no longer belongs to the past but lives in the present and is projected toward the future; Jesus is the everlasting "today" of God. This is how the newness of God appears to the women, the disciples, and all of us: as victory over sin, evil, and death - over everything that crushes life and makes it seem less human. And this is a message meant for me and for you, dear sister, you, dear brother. How often does Love have to tell us, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" Our daily problems and worries can wrap us up in ourselves, in sadness and bitterness...and that is where death is. That is not the place to look for the One who is alive!”
Pope Francis, The Church of Mercy

Lailah Gifty Akita
“In every moment, know that the Lord's presence is always with you.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Jacques Philippe
“The Lord can leave us wanting relative to certain things (sometimes judged indispensable in the eyes of the world), but He never leaves us deprived of what is essential: His presence, His peace and all that is necessary for the complete fulfillment of our lives, according to His plans for us.”
Jacques Philippe, Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart

Chris Manion
“If I open my eyes, I just may die, I thought.”
Chris Manion, God's Patient Pursuit of My Soul

“The presence or calling of God can be no reasons but the guidance of God because of His glorification.”

“The real You is hidden beneath the mental noise in Your head.”
Bert McCoy

Enock Maregesi
“Shetani naye anamtumia Mungu kama wakala wake wa kutoa adhabu kwa binadamu kwa sababu Shetani siku hizi anaishi makanisani na misikitini. Anamtumia Mungu kwa maana ya kutuingiza dhambini huku tunaona, tukiwa mbele ya uwepo wa Mungu tunayemwabudu.”
Enock Maregesi

Lindsey O'Connor
“[..] I sensed it was finally safe to ask the question without seeming like an ingrate. God? Where were you? For 107 days where were you? Where were you in my unconsciousness and where were you in that hospital room when I wanted to feel your presence with fireworks and explosions of emotions and supernatural palpability? Where were you, God? [...] I was there, my child, [...] I was the peace, I was the breath, I was the comfort.”
Lindsey O'Connor, The Long Awakening

Erin M. Straza
“Do I believe that God is right here, ready to be my comfort in every situation?”
Erin M. Straza, Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom from Habits That Bind You

Dano Janowski
“Biker George says that God's presence is the present we all need the most!”
Dano Janowski, In the Wind with Biker George

“Spiritual practices performed in the middle of our mundane days bring us into the presence of an astonishing God.”
Sharla Fritz, Soul Spa

Stellah Mupanduki
“When you have the Stellah Mupanduki healing, moulding, cleansing and protecting books breathed by the Holy Spirit of a Sovereign God; your way of thinking and speaking changes because you will start to feel well and you regain strength as you read. You will know you will be very fine, and you will not worry too much because you will know that you will not die but live and bless your family with your presence and give them peace…yeah, be with your family in Christ. You will know that your days are not numbered in short, you will know and understand that you have longevity, that in Christ, you will live long. So talk about your life and not death whatever you are going through or whatever you perceive to be true in your own human intelligence. Move away from nodding to death and stop welcoming the spirit of death. Keep it away from your lipsl, when you speak, talk about about your life as progressing in the normal way, in the name of Jesus Christ…”
Stellah Mupanduki, Know Yee Are Little Kings: Above And Not Beneath

Stellah Mupanduki
“The beauty of having blog books 1 to 9 by Stellah Mupanduki, is that, they strongly touch your life in a random way because of the Holy presence of the Holy Spirit of a Sovereign God, who knows how to intercede on your behalf in matters you know nothing about. You will be uplifted and strengthened with sound healing, cleansing and protection coming from God Almighty for your your body and life and everything in your life. Amen…”
Stellah Mupanduki, Blog 8: Blogging of A Healing Blogger In The Name Of Jesus Christ.

Stellah Mupanduki
“The power and strength of an anointed woman of God is with God and from God Almighty himself…No one can do what they want to do with the Holy Spirit of God the Creator. The Holy Spirit of a Sovereign God is in full and righteous control of everything that he does through a vessel…His divine purpose remains solid and powerful and prevailing against all odds…Hallelujah…”Yeah, you don’t do what you want, but you do what I command you to do at all times, says the Almighty One”
Stellah Mupanduki, The Writing of Destiny: Be Healed in the Work of Your Hands

Stellah Mupanduki
“Anointed means the presence of God Almighty in a person, entity, nation, article or book or anything….Presence of God is what matters in everything done, or said, or written…Holy, holy, holy God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, seas and oceans, rolling rivers, waterfalls, lakes and everything in them…To the glory of God the Father…Hallelujah!”
Stellah Mupanduki, Bog 9: Blogging of a Healing Blogger in the Name of Jesus Christ

Stellah Mupanduki
“If you seek the Lord God Almighty for your life and for any life situation, you will find him and you will live your life in peace…Make your life holy by belonging to God Almighty…Belong to Christ….Get the Stellah Mupanduki healing and moulding books breathed by the Holy Spirit of a Sovereign God and find your righteous healing coming from God Almighty. You will not fail, but you overcome….Benefit from the Finger of God Almighty using a vessel and find your greatest peace on earth and attain eternity after this life is gone….Hallelujah! Sacred Writing…For Sacred Healing.”
Stellah Mupanduki, The Dancing of Destiny

Stellah Mupanduki
“Let God Almighty surround your children in his glorious presence everyday of their lives…. Sent the spirit of death away from your children’s rooms, places and playgrounds.”
Stellah Mupanduki, Little One Be Healed in the Blood: Healed in the Body

Stellah Mupanduki
“Being a vessel of God Almighty, I am divinely guided and protected wherever I am and whatever I am doing, the glory of the Lord God Almighty is always with me. Everything that I write, all that I say and do, is in the holy directive of God Almighty who writes in me and moves and speaks in me for his people, for his everlasting glory and honour…

Go for all the Stellah Mupanduki healing books breathed by the Holy Spirit for you because there is a hope and a future for your life in today’s era…If you seek to live a blissful, peaceful, long and healthy life, seek these God-given books…they are above mortality…they overcome all dark spirits of the heavenly realm that causes troubles, illnesses and struggles and death in this land of the living. Seek Jesus Christ and live. Thank you Holy Spirit, you are God and you are good all the the time, may your name be blessed and lifted high above all the time...For Sacred Readers...Sacred Writing...Sacred Healing”
Stellah Mupanduki, The Moulding Of the Holy Spirit Of A Sovereign God: Leap My Child

Stellah Mupanduki
“I have heard people covering their sins by saying they are not religious, but I tell you this; it is better to love God Almighty and live a healed and protected long life that knows and honours God Almighty instead of groaning in pain and living hopelessly troubled lives because of incurable diseases. Be humble and open your heart to Jesus Christ and find mercy, stability, peace and salvation for you and your children. Do not live a lost life in this day and age where disasters, terminal, rare and chronic illnesses are devouring people's lives. Be wise and seek the Lord God Almighty for healing, cleansing and divine protection.Row your boat of life in Christ and move to the top”
Stellah Mupanduki, Jesus...Author of My Life: Hope for Teminal Illness

“Nothing surpasses the full knowledge that God is with you! It’s such a great panacea to issues of life!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Stellah Mupanduki
“The three in One is very powerful and anointed to bring healing into your life, physically, spiritually, socially, economically, politically, financially in a personal way. Yeah.”
Stellah Mupanduki, Three In One Healing Book

Stellah Mupanduki
“When you read all the Stellah Mupanduki books breathed by the Holy Spirit of a Sovereign God you glow and you remain bold and beautiful. Even as you age, you become more beautiful as an old person. Beauty flows with you as the Holy Spirit flows in you..”
Stellah Mupanduki, Four in One Healing Books: Joyful Wells of Salvation

Stellah Mupanduki
“Is your wardrobe filled with stripes?...Read the book: O God, My Father by Stellah Mupanduki. After this book read: Four In One Healing Books: Joyful Wells Of Salvation by Stellah Mupanduki Then lets talk about stripes. Innovative”
Stellah Mupanduki

Stellah Mupanduki
“You write, I write, says the Lord God Almighty to me...”
Stellah Mupanduki, Four In One Healing Book: Joyful Wells Of Salvation

Stellah Mupanduki
“I am the autonomous of God Almighty. Overseer to all nations and continents, speaking the will and purpose of God Almighty for a people, a country and a world, in the powerful power of the Holy Spirit of a Sovereign God. I am global Stellah Mupanduki of Jesus Christ, for the salvation, stability and peace of all nations, in the Word of God, for justice and peace...Ndiri weMusiki. Vessel of God’s Glory and Honour.”
Stellah Mupanduki, Four in One Healing Books: Joyful Wells of Salvation

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