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Dennis Ignatius
“When we lift our hands in praise and worship, we break spiritual jars of perfume over Jesus. The fragrance of our praise fills the whole earth and touches the heart of God.”
dennis ignatius

John Piper
“Do not say, 'But it is hypocritical to thank God with my tongue when I don't feel thankful in my heart.' There is such a thing as hypocritical thanksgiving. Its aim is to conceal ingratitude and get the praise of men. That is not your aim. Your aim in loosing your tongue with words of gratitude is that God would be merciful and fill your words with the emotion of true gratitude. You are not seeking the praise of men; you are seeing the mercy of God. You are not hiding the hardness of ingratitude, but hoping for the in-breaking of the Spirit.

Thanksgiving with the Mouth Stirs Up Thankfulness in the Heart

Moreover, we should probably ask the despairing saint, 'Do you know your heart so well that you are sure the words of thanks have no trace of gratitude in them?' I, for one, distrust my own assessment of my motives. I doubt that I know my good ones well enough to see all the traces of contamination. And I doubt that I know my bad ones well enough to see the traces of grace. Therefore, it is not folly for a Christian to assume that there is a residue of gratitude in his heart when he speaks and sings of God's goodness even though he feels little or nothing. To this should be added that experience shows that doing the right thing, in the way I have described, is often the way toward being in the right frame. Hence Baxter gives this wise counsel to the oppressed Christian:

'Resolve to spend most of your time in thanksgiving and praising God. If you cannot do it with the joy that you should, yet do it as you can. You have not the power of your comforts; but have you no power of your tongues? Say not that you are unfit for thanks and praises unless you have a praising heart and were the children of God; for every man, good and bad, is bound to praise God, and to be thankful for all that he hath received, and to do it as well as he can, rather than leave it undone.... Doing it as you can is the way to be able to do it better. Thanksgiving stirreth up thankfulness in the heart.”
John Piper, When the Darkness Will Not Lift: Doing What We Can While We Wait for God—And Joy

“Thank you Heavenly Father. You heard my petition. You have answered my plea.
May your name be glorified and be praised.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

John Wesley
“Above all sing spiritually. Have an eye to God in every word you sing.
Aim at pleasing Him more than yourself, or any other creature. In order to do this
attend strictly to
the sense of what you sing, and see that your heart is not carried away with the sound, but offered
to God continually; so shall your singing be such as the Lord will approve here, and
reward you when
he cometh in the clouds of heaven.”
John Wesley

Euginia Herlihy
“I might not be a good singer but I will praise and worship God with all my heart. I might not be the best dancer but I will dance for the Lord all the days of my life.”
Euginia Herlihy

Euginia Herlihy
“Praise and worship is such a powerful device is able to dismantle every shackle and its able to breakdown every wall.”
Euginia Herlihy

“I sometimes wonder whether our churches--living as we do in American death-denying culture, relentlessly smiling through our praise choruses--are inadvertently helping people live not as much in hope as in denial.”
Mark Galli

“JAH has always come through for me. HE has answered most of my prayers in ways I cannot explain. Even when HE does not, I will be still knowing that HE IS GOD.”

“Those who recite prayers do not pray from their heart but are heard to say the words of the prayers that someone wrote down some time ago.”
Errol Anthony Smythe

“Our praise builds up equity in Heaven”
Pastor Rod W. Larkins

“So I go about singing God's praises throughout the day

Along with drinking, swearing, gossiping, getting high, lying, watching "R" rated movies, something is wrong with my heart, and it shows through the practice of sin is covered in praise to God

Think Isaiah 29:13 & Matthew 15:8”
John M Sheehan

Euginia Herlihy
“Praise and worship is the universal language that carries the presence of the Lord, love, peace, healing and unity. Let’s praise and worship our God, our Creator who is full of grace, mercy, love, peace and unity with all our hearts. Thank you Lord Jesus for your unconditional love.”
Euginia Herlihy

“Heart worship is what God is looking for; those who will worship Him in Spirit and truth (John 4:24). Don’t fool yourself? Don’t deceive yourself? This is very serious and should not be taken lightly. Check Your Motive, before praising and worshipping your Heavenly Father God. He knows the reason why you are doing something or behaving in a specific way.”
Shelena Griffiths, A Real Desire To Praise God Devotional

“The Lord God called you to Himself as His child. In return, you give God what pleases Him most – YOU PRAISE HIM!”
Shelena Griffiths, A Real Desire To Praise God Devotional

“Praise is to express approval in worship to your Lord and Savior. I hope you want to praise the living God and His Son, Jesus Christ, right now: for they are good, and God’s mercy and love endures forever and ever. Do you agree? Say this to yourself until it’s deep down on the inside of you, “I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise should continuously be in my mouth” (Psalm 34:1).”
Shelena Griffiths, A Real Desire To Praise God Devotional

“A pure heart is nothing more than being real with God, and not pretending to honor and adore Him. Will you do this? Give God praise freely?

The decision is yours. Only you can change your attitude towards worshipping God.”
Shelena Griffiths, A Real Desire To Praise God Devotional

“The power of praise and worship opens up the secrets of God. For the remainder of your life focus on praise and worship...God will open His secrets to you.”
Dr Paul Gitwaza

“Do you know why praise and worship unlocks mysteries? It is because that is the atmosphere in Heaven. There they live in constant praise and worship.”
Dr Paul Gitwaza

Kim Meeder
“When we dwell on God's provision, His promises, His presence, authentic joy is the natural overflow, which inspires us to praise and worship Him through our hardships. In so doing, we can experience His peace through any circumstance.”
Kim Meeder, Encountering Our Wild God: Ways to Experience His Untamable Presence Every Day

“What is essence of prayer? To praise, to plea, to seek purity, to ask for power to pray, to seek for protection, to petition, to seek the presence of a powerful God.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

“We can unleash the power of praise in our everyday lives as we engage in the work to rebuild a life of worship.”
Carol Tetzlaff, Ezra Unleashing the Power of Praise: A 7-week Bible study

“May the story of my life be found as worship in your eyes.”
Carol Tetzlaff, Ezra Unleashing the Power of Praise: A 7-week Bible study

“Sometimes captivity has an eerie sense of freedom beneath the unseen chains.”
Carol Tetzlaff, Ezra Unleashing the Power of Praise: A 7-week Bible study

“We were made for something more, something that lasts forever, and so our hearts are bent toward eternity.”
Carol Tetzlaff, Ezra Unleashing the Power of Praise: A 7-week Bible study

Germany Kent
“Praise God even when you don't understand what he's doing.”
Germany Kent

“I did my best, and God did the rest.”
Hattie McDaniel

“Let everything that has breath, be a praiser!”
Mac Canoza

“How great is God!”
Lailah Gifty Akita

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