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“Every election is determined by the people who show up.”
Larry J. Sabato , Pendulum Swing

Otto von Bismarck
“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best”
Otto von Bismarck

Thomas L. Friedman
“When widely followed public figures feel free to say anything, without any fact-checking, it becomes impossible for a democracy to think intelligently about big issues.”
Thomas L. Friedman

Harry Truman
“[The American President] has to take all sorts of abuse from liars and demagogues.… The people can never understand why the President does not use his supposedly great power to make ’em behave. Well, all the President is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway.”
Harry S. Truman

George Orwell
“The ruling power is always faced with the question, ‘In such and such circumstances, what would you do?’, whereas the opposition is not obliged to take responsibility or make any real decisions.”
George Orwell

Robert F. Kennedy
“One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time.”
Robert F. Kennedy

Hillary Rodham Clinton
“You Can't Keep Wild Animal In Your Back Yard And Expect It To Go only After Your Neighbor.”
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Adel Bakawan
“كۆمه‌لگه‌ی پیكهاتوو له‌ هاوولاتی وریا له‌ هاوولاتی هه‌میشه‌ به‌خه‌به‌ر چیتر ئه‌و كۆمه‌لگه‌ خه‌ووتووه‌ نیه‌ كه‌ واقعی كۆمه‌لایه‌تی سیاسی و ئابووری خۆی نه‌بینێت - به‌لكو له‌ هه‌ر چركه‌یه‌ك ده‌توانێ هه‌ستێته‌ سه‌ر پێ و چاره‌نووسی رووداوه‌كان دیاری بكات - كۆمه‌لگه‌ی له‌ سه‌ر پێ هه‌میشه‌ ئاماده‌ی چودێریكردنه‌”
Dr.Adel Bakawan

Hilary Mantel
“He stepped back, looked up. Cut into the stone above his head were the words RUE MARAT.
For a moment he had the urge to turn back around the corner, climb the stairs, shout to the servants not to bother unpacking, they’d be returning to Arcis in the morning. He looked up to the lighted windows above his head. If I go up there, he thought, I’ll never be free again. If I go up there I commit myself to Max, to joining with him to finish Hébert, and perhaps to governing with him. I commit myself to fishing Fabre out of trouble—though God alone knows how that’s to be managed. I put myself once more under the threat of assassination; I recommence the blood feuds, the denunciations. His face hardened. You can’t stand in the street calling into question the last five years of your life, just because they’ve changed the street name; you can’t let it alter the future. No, he thought—and he saw it clearly, for the first time—it’s an illusion, about quitting, about going back to Arcis to farm. I’ve been lying to Louise: once in, never out.”
Hilary Mantel, A Place of Greater Safety

Tuhin A. Sinha
“There's no greater joy in life than enjoying power without responsibility. - Mukta Prajapati”
Tuhin A. Sinha, The Edge of Power

Mark Fisher
“the centre is missing, but we cannot stop searching for it or positing it. It is not that there is nothing there - it is that what is there is not capable of exercising responsibility”
Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?

“When you find yourself on the top of the list where people believe in you, that dosen't mean you have succeed, that means you have reached a new level to begin.”