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Willy Brandt
“Nichts kommt von selbst. Und nur wenig ist von Dauer. Darum — besinnt Euch auf Eure Kraft und darauf, dass jede Zeit eigene Antworten will und man auf ihrer Höhe zu sein hat, wenn Gutes bewirkt werden soll.“

("Nothing happens automatically. And only few things last. Therefore — be mindful of your strength, and of the fact that every era wants its own answers, and you have to be up to its speed in order to be able to do good.")

Message to the Socialist International Congress in Berlin, September 15, 1992”
Willy Brandt

Raul Ramos y Sanchez
“Fear-addled minds swarm around conspiracies like flies around something foul.”
Raul Ramos y Sanchez

Chris Weitz
“An accessible introduction to the nature of political thought. Just what I always wanted.”
Chris Weitz, The New Order

“If you understood the plan of your government, that means it is a policy or if you don't it means it is politics.”
Rashid Jorvee