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Ngaio Marsh
“Any faithful account of police investigations, in even the most spectacular homicide case would be abysmally dull. I should have thought you'd seen enough of the game to realize that. The files are a plethora of drab details, most of them entirely irrelevant. Your crime novelist gets over all that by writing grandly about routine work and then seleting the essentials. Quite rightly. He'd be the world's worst bore if he did otherwise.”
Ngaio Marsh

Ben Aaronovitch
“We decided to go back to basics and put the frighteners on some snouts."
"We adopted a proactive intelligence-gathering policy utilising appropriate stakeholders in the community and pre-established covert human intelligence sources.
"And nobody can put a frightener on a covert human quite like Lesley can.”
Ben Aaronovitch, Rivers of London: Detective Stories #2

Caroline Mitchell
“Their attention was focused on the strange kid who wore black eyeliner and dressed as if every day was a funeral.”
Caroline Mitchell, Don't Turn Around