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“If you ask a tree how he feels to know that he's spreading his fragrance and making people happy, I don't think a tree looks at it that way. I am just like that, and it is just my nature to be like this.”
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

William Shakespeare
“We, ignorant of ourselves,
Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers
Deny us for our good; so find we profit
By losing of our prayers.”
William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

“And how do I know that the hate of death is not like a man who has lost his home when young and does not know where his home is to return to?”
Chuang Tzu

“Things have their roots and branches. Affairs have their beginnings and their ends. To know what is first and what is last will lead one near the Way.”
Confucius, The Great Learning

“Life is going to beat you up, it wouldn't be fair if you didn't throw some punches back at it”
Bradley Bowman

Enter the territory of monotheism,
Where there's no ism but god!

به مملکت توحید وارد شو !
آنجا که جز خدا اصالتی نیست!ا

Mohammad Hossein Khosh Bayan, If There's No God اگر خدا نباشد

“و در آخر قیل و قال، حقیقتی ماند ،نه از جنس قیل نه از جنس قال”
Mohammad Hossein Khosh Bayan

“در امواج سکوت
از تلاطم زمان
واندر حیرت مکان
فبای الائ ربکما تکذبان”
Mohammad Hossein Khosh Bayan

“पोहोर साल त्यहाँ रहेको कोटघर भत्कियो भाइ । त्यहाँ कोटघरमा तँ पुगिस् पुगिनस् कुन्नि, आँगनमा मुकुट लगाएको मूर्ति थियो एउटा, कसैले पूजा गर्थे पनि । पछि पूजा रोकियो । पोहोर कोटघर भत्किँदा त्यो मूर्ति पनि ढल्यो । अजम्मरी कोही रहेनछ भाइ, कोही पनि रहेनछ अजम्मरी, देवता भनेको त्यो मूर्ति पनि ढल्यो । होइन अचम्मै भएको छ यो ठाउँलाई, यहाँ बस्न चाहने कोही छैन, सित्तैमा घर छोडेर हिँडेका छन् मान्छेहरु, घर धुवाँरिदिनेसम्म मान्छे छैन, एकएक घरहरु भत्किँदै छन्, पितापुर्खाले रोजेको यो ठाउँ, हाम्रा निम्ति जोगाड गरिछाडेका किल्लाहरु ।”
Dr. Deen Bandhu Sharma, भत्किँदै किल्लाहरू [Bhatkidai Killaharu]