Pets Go To Heaven Quotes

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Kate McGahan
“We need to go first because we cannot live without your love and care. If we lived longer than you, we would not and could not survive. It’s supposed to be this way. We also need to cross the Rainbow Bridge before you do so that we can be on the other side to greet you when you get there. We wait at home for you here and we wait at Home for you there. It’s just the way it is.”
Kate McGahan, JACK McAFGHAN: Reflections on Life with my Master

“Heaven, or the Other Side is all around us. It is not in some far away place. Your loved ones are just a thought away.”
Karen A. Anderson, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals: Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side

“All my seven dogs, who passed away, were great beings - a helluva lot better than most of the silly inhumane bums, mistakenly called human beings.”
Fakeer Ishavardas

“People who do not love dogs, know! When you've bitten dust and lying in your grave, a dog will come by and either crap or piss on you. Of course dogs may do the same on my grave too! But in doing so they'll be embracing me, but oh! they will surely be defecating on you.”
Fakeer Ishavardas