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Katherine Center
“I'd tried so hard to make a perfect, untouchable life for myself. But trouble finds you. Tragedy finds you. And we keep trying anyway. We hope for the best. We believe we can make something for ourselves- something good that will last- even though, at the exact same time, we know we can't.”
Katherine Center, The Lost Husband

Kami Garcia
“I used to believe that everyone gets one perfect day sometime in their lives—if they were lucky. But I had it all wrong. We don’t get one perfect day. We get a lifetime of imperfect days, and it’s up to us to decide what we want to do with them. Some days are hard, and they leave us feeling like we just got our asses kicked. That’s the way I felt after Reed pushed me and wrecked my knee—broken and battered, with a life that would never be as whole as the one I had before. But broken and battered can become broken and beautiful.”
Kami Garcia, Broken Beautiful Hearts

Michael Thomas Ford
“Just because your life isn't as awful as someone else's that doesn't mean it doesn't suck. You can't compare how you feel to the way other people feel. It just doesn't work.
What might look like the perfect life - or even an okay life - to you might not be so okay for the person living it.”
Michael Thomas Ford, Suicide Notes

“We all need that someone in our life who's going to motivate us and not stress us, and then we need to treat him the same way we want to be treaded, and no lies, we say what we mean and mean what we say. and always try to build together not destroy each other, if the outcome isn't what you expected, at least you can say you tried., but also remember that pressure makes diamonds people. not everything will be easy between you and me and him and her and them. its all give and take.. reward and sacrifice. try to love those who love you, not just the ones who are easiest to love, try to help those who need you, may you will need the help someday. try to forgive those who hurt you, may you hurted someone once upon a time and try to forget those who leave you, may god knew that they aren't good for you. one of my main goals on the planet is to encourage people to empower themselves like what im trying now, i try to makes you positive, to make a positive change in your life, it will never happen unless me or you or him or her make it happen. they said "be the change you want to see in the world" im like that and i would like everyone to be like me.”

“I love my life not because it is full of perfect experiences, but because I solely owe myself unconditional self-love in abundance. So what would be your excuse not to love your life unconditionally?”
Edmond Mbiaka

Sophie Kinsella
“Then, on impulse, I scroll back through my previous Instagram posts, looking at the photos of London cafes, sights, drinks, and smiling faces (mostly strangers). The whole thing is like a feel-good movie, and what's wrong with that? Loads of people use colored filters or whatever on Instagram. Well, my filter is the “this is how I'd like it to be” filter. It's not that I lie. I was in those places, even if I couldn't afford a hot chocolate. It's just I don't dwell on any of the not-so-great stuff in my life, like the commute or the prices or having to keep all my stuff in a hammock. Let alone vanilla-whey-coated eggs and abnoxious lechy flatmates. And the point is, it's something to aspire to, something to hope for. One day my life will match my Instagram posts. One day.”
Sophie Kinsella, My Not So Perfect Life

Debasish Mridha
“Those who donated their life for humanity lived a perfect life.”
Debasish Mridha

Toni Morrison
“Just Imagine. No illness. Ever. No pain. No aging or frailty of any kind. No loss or grief or tears. And obviously no more dying, not even if the stars shattered into motes and the moon disintegrated like a corpse beneath the sea.”
Toni Morrison

Nathacha Appanah
“C'est une vie magnifique que d'être un baobab sur une plage.”
Nathacha Appanah, Tropique de la violence

“Perfection Doesn’t Need Adornments or Accessories to Be Called ‘Perfect’. It’s more like 'living in the moment' which can’t be described even by The Wisest Ascetic on this earth.”
Taranpreet Singh

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