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J.I. Packer
“Those who know that glossolalia is not God’s path for them and those for whom it is a proven enrichment should neither try to impose their own way on others, nor judge others inferior for being different, nor stagger if someone in their camp transfers to the other, believing that God has led him or her to do so. Those who pray with tongues and those who pray without tongues do it to the Lord; they stand or fall to their own master, not their fellow-servants; and in the same sense that there is in Christ neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female, so in Christ there is neither glossolalist nor non-glossolalist.”
J.I. Packer, Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God

“If we who self-designate ourselves with terms like "Catholic," "Orthodox," "Protestant," "Evangelical," "Charismatic," "Pentecostal" and others would fully surrender ourselves to The Holy Spirit, we could stop focusing on the secondary words we use to describe the primary experience of The Holy Spirit.”
John David Geib, Beyond Beliefs

David K. Bernard
“The death of the innocent, sinless Christ and the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to us satisfy God’s justice and holiness. If, however, we reject Christ’s atonement, then we are left to face God’s judgment alone. In this case His holiness demands separation from sinful humans and His justice demands death for sinful humans. So justice and mercy are complementary, not contradictory, aspects of God’s nature, as are holiness and love. If we accept God’s love and mercy, He will help us satisfy His justice and holiness. If we reject God’s love and mercy, we must face His justice and holiness alone (Romans 11:22).”
David K. Bernard, The Oneness of God

Shawn Bolz
“You are not rejecting a person if you reject his words. You get to receive the person with kindness and compassion and treat him as a human being. If someone gets offended and feels rejected just because you rejected his words, then stay away from him, because he has unhealthy heart boundaries that cause him to use prophecy to control or manipulate the people around him.”
Shawn Bolz, Translating God: Hearing God's Voice for Yourself and the World Around You

“Pentecostals also used sarcasm to gouge their enemies. [Charles] Parham led the way, challenging a local Baptist antagonist who routinely tagged his name with Ph.D., D.D., and LL.D. to come by and spend a week at Parham's school. When God was finished with him, Parham promised, he would want to add 'A.S.S.' to the list.”
Grant Wacker, Heaven Below: Early Pentecostals and American Culture

Lisa Bedrick
“Some people are only “believers” because they want God to give them things; a thrill, money, spiritual gifts etc. but they never think twice about what THEY can give to God. They are Christian parasites, always wanting more, rather than Christian servants, who are always willing to give.”
Lisa Bedrick, On the Charismatic Movement

Shawn Bolz
“If you won’t allow someone to evaluate what you are saying or give you feedback when you prophesy to him, then you are essentially saying you are more important and have more authority, wisdom, and connection to what you are prophesying about than he does. That is the exact opposite goal of prophecy. Prophecy is supposed to connect people to the world around them and the God who loves them, not place you in the center of the equation.”
Shawn Bolz, Translating God: Hearing God's Voice for Yourself and the World Around You