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Steve Goodier
“I have not always chosen the safest path. I've made my mistakes, plenty of them. I sometimes jump too soon and fail to appreciate the consequences. But I've learned something important along the way: I've learned to heed the call of my heart. I've learned that the safest path is not always the best path and I've learned that the voice of fear is not always to be trusted.”
Steve Goodier

“When the bonfire of love still smolders in the wake of emotional convulsions, seeds of regret and remorse may endlessly linger about on the path of life. ("Taken for a ride)”
Erik Pevernagie

Ahmad Ardalan
“Sometimes in life, a sudden situation, a moment in time, alters your whole life, forever changes the road ahead.”
Ahmad Ardalan, Baghdad: The Final Gathering

Rémy de Gourmont
“Those men who live with the greatest intensity are often the ones who seem to take least interest in life.”
Rémy de Gourmont, Philosophic Nights in Paris,: Being Selections from Promenades Philosophiques

Jonathan Anthony Burkett
“I understand we all have our differences. But while learning about history I've read about white people coming together, Jews coming together, Spanish coming together, different cultures and religions understanding and coming together despite their differences. Slavery was never something that shocked me. What shocks me is how black people have not yet overcome the odds and we're such strong smart people. Why we can't just stand together?”
Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Lailah Gifty Akita
“The path of light is the quest for knowledge.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Lauren Willig
“It wasn't the big decisions that set the course of one's life; it was the slow accretion of all the little ones.”
Lauren Willig, The English Wife

Agatha Christie
“The trouble in this life is that you never really know where you're going.

~Andy Peters”
Agatha Christie, Destination Unknown

“I am of course lost in this journey I'm on, but I do remain confident, though I am lost it will be a great adventure, this adventure will surpass my wildest imagination. so call me a fool, but I'm happy to be lost.”
Micheline Jean Louis

Carlos Castaneda
“In the universe there is an un-measurable, indescribable force which sorcerers call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link. Sorcerers, or warriors, were concerned with discussing, understanding, and employing that connecting link...Sorcerers, therefore, divide their instruction into two categories; one is for everyday-life state of awareness, the other is for the states of heightened awareness, in which sorcerers obtained knowledge directly from intent, without the distracting intervention of spoken language.”
Carlos Castaneda

“My beloved Sun, keep the path enlightened”
Twinkle Sharma

“​If You have Chosen a Destination, You Must Find a Path. if You have Chosen a Path, You Must Find the Destination. You can Never Choose Both.”
Vineet Raj Kapoor

Nico J. Genes
“Yes, if the stones that we walked on could talk, they would surely tell our story.”
Nico J. Genes, Magnetic Reverie

Ljupka Cvetanova
“Some women walk towards a better future. Others have chauffeurs.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

Stuart Land
“Her short path through life had been written and it was not her right to know the meaning, only the outcome.”
Stuart Land, Primal Daughters

“I don't settle down. I don't follow any path.
Because I am the wanderer and wandering is my destiny!”
Avijeet Das

R.J. Blizzard
“There are no dead ends in life's journey; there are no crossroads, no forks in the road. People who chose not to see reality, see the world as a tangled maze of intersections, forks in the road, and dead ends. These are illusions of people who follow the well trampled wide path woven out by others. This is not their true path. Life's true sojourn reveals a long winding narrow path that only you can choose. Few have the courage to walk it.”
R.J. Blizzard

“The highest religion of human is the identity for which he is living rest is either one of the path or unnecessary fight.”
Ankit Samrat

Harper Fox
“Who could be like him? Who could ever be like you? Each of us has his path. They run close together sometimes—for life, if we are fortunate—but they never cross.”
Harper Fox, Brothers of the Wild North Sea

“In seeking after what the soul desires we become pilgrims with no home but the path the soul would have us follow.”
Michael Meade, Fate and Destiny, The Two Agreements of the Soul

Ellie Elisabeth
“Roots! You stay on the path to avoid the roots, Lilly!”
Ellie Elisabeth, Army of the Almost Dead

L.A. Golding
“You can’t put one foot in one railcar and the other foot in another car. If you do, you won’t get anywhere.”
L.A. Golding, Lerkus: A Journey to End All Suffering

“I did it, and it's all right. Even the worst experiences were right in their time, because otherwise, it wouldn't have come to this point. That was your road, and you had to walk it.”
Michael "Bommi" Baumann

Donna Goddard
“The spiritual path is more of an unlearning than a learning.”
Donna Goddard, Waldmeer

Robert   Harris
“How odd it is, thought March afterwards, to live your life in ignorance of the past, of your world, yourself. Yet how easy to do it! You went along from day to day, down paths other people had prepared for you, never raising your head - enfolded in their logic, from swaddling clothes to shroud. It was a kind of fear. Well, goodbye to that. And good to leave it behind - whatever happened now. - 214”
Robert Harris, Fatherland

“Your on your way, beauty at every turn.
You will find challenge and wonder along the way. Others will seek their beauty on your path. The journey is first the destination last”
Brent M. Jones

“Clear direction leads to clear results”
Paul Bradley Smith

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