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Elizabeth Gaskell
“There is nothing like wounded affection for giving poignancy to anger.”
Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and Daughters

Kristan Higgins
“Nicole’s door opened, and she stomped down the hall. “I have something to say,” she said, giving him the Slitty Eyes of Death. “You’re totally unfair, and if I run away, you shouldn’t be surprised.” “Don’t make me put a computer chip in your ear,” Liam answered. “It’s not funny! I hate you.” “Well, I love you, even if you did ruin my life by turning into a teenager,” he said, rubbing his eyes. “Did you study for your test?” “Yes.” “Good.” He looked at his daughter—so much like Emma, way too pretty. Why weren’t there convent schools anymore? Or chastity belts? “Want some supper? I saved your plate.” She rolled her eyes with all the melodrama a teenager could muster. “Fine. I may as well become a fat pig since I can’t ever go on a date.” “That’s my girl,” he said and, grinning, got up to heat up her dinner.”
Kristan Higgins, Until There Was You

Richelle E. Goodrich
Itches and Burs

There once was a mother-and-daughterly pair
Who both had an itch just beneath their long hair.
Each had a bur with the prickles attached
Under a belt at the mid of her back.

“Oh, daughter, please scratch at my itch, will you not?
And pluck out the bur—I would thank you a lot!”
“I can’t,” said the daughter, “My own bur does sting.
And try as I may I can’t reach the darn thing!”

“Oh pain!” groaned the daughter. The mom cried, “Oh drat!”
As each strained to reach her own bur at her back.
“It prickles like needles! It tickles like feathers!”
But easing the scratch was a fruitless endeavor.

The daughter about gave a sigh of despair
When all of a sudden her prick was not there.
The itch too was gone with some scritches and scrapes
Applied by old fingers in arthritic shape.

The daughter, so grateful to feel such relief,
Turned ’round to her mother and plucked out her grief.
She scratched her mom’s itch just as she had done hers.
Now neither has itches and neither has burs.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

Lailah Gifty Akita
“God's greatest blessing; gift of children.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!