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“If you’re to choose to paint your life today... What will it be? Remember, you’re the artist, not the canvas.”
Val Uchendu

J.M.W. Turner
“My business is to paint what I see, not what I know is there.”
J.M.W. Turner

Matshona Dhliwayo
“You are the greatest poem ever written.
You are the greatest song ever sung.
You are the greatest portrait ever painted.
You are the greatest symphony ever composed.
You are the greatest act ever performed.
You are the greatest masterpiece ever created.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“Writing is painting with words!”
Avijeet Das

“Life is like a painting, seems smooth and glorious but you can see its dullness when you are near it.”
Samiullah Khan Mohmand

“Most people take life as a jigsaw puzzle that has to be solved. It is a symphony only if you can play the music. It is a masterpiece only if you can paint it.”
Avijeet Das

“The visual arts will one day be king. The pop stars and celebrities soon to be forgotten.”