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“Dissociation gets you through a brutal experience, letting your basic survival skills operate unimpeded…Your ability to survive is enhanced as the ability to feel is diminished…All feeling are blocked; you ‘go away.’ You are disconnected from the act, the perpetrator & yourself…Viewing the scene from up above or some other out-of-body perspective is common among sexual abuse survivors.”
Renee Fredrickson, Repressed Memories: A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse

“There’s a huge difference between reading about out-of-body experiences or watching videos about them and lifting out of your body and traveling through space in a different dimension. Why not experience a greater multidimensional reality rather than just reading about it? Discover what science doesn’t know and cannot ever know – it’s your life and you have a choice to break free of the known and live in a different way.”

Roshan Sharma
“The sensation that you experience in the body, is your spirit, but it’s so attached, that it’s hard to imagine, that the sensation can ever be separated from the physical body. In long hours of meditation, you can separate your sensation from the physical body.”
Roshan Sharma

Laura Kasischke
“And, for the first few months after her surgeries, Holly had felt, horribly, as if she'd been turned into a machine, an unkillable robot. She had terrible dreams in which she was searching for her body parts on shelves lined with thousands of other body parts, floating in thousands of jars. In the dreams, Holly was convinced that her soul had been located in one of those body parts, and now her soul was trapped for eternity in formaldehyde and glass.”
Laura Kasischke, Mind of Winter

Wally Lamb
“I remember the odd sensation of living in the middle of that experience and feeling, simultaneously, like it was something happening at telescopic distance. Like something I was looking at through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars.”
Wally Lamb, I Know This Much Is True

B.T. Lowry
“Yuvali struggled to put one foot in front of the other. The long leaves of a purple-flowered bush raked her forehead. The flower emerged from bulbous green tubes, unfolding toward the sun. The petals radiated like flecks in an eye, a whirlpool, a sea-shell.” Ch.19”
B.T. Lowry

Scot Fin
“Even an Astral Adventure needs a little sensuality.
"Perhaps you can show me how tastefully decorated your bedroom is." Lee probably felt I did not know what to do next and needed direction.
Maybe so, but I did know our coffee was going to get cold.”
Scot Fin, Ralph and the Girl From Mayfair Towers

“Traumatic experiences in adults generally do not produce multiple personality disorder but rather states of catatonic withdrawal, out-of-body experiences, fugue states, or psychogenic amnesias.”
Walter C. Young