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Richard Rider
“You were always saying you were gonna shoot him," he mutters, but it's kind of half-hearted. "Stupid fucking little tit, he needs a bullet in his head. What do you keep him round for, anyway?"
Because he makes me laugh. Because, fuck knows why, he adores me. Because he needs somebody to look after him and nobody else knows how. Because everything about us is wrong and I never ever want to be right. Because I wake up in the morning and see him sleeping next to me with his stupid dyed hair and his stupid painted nails and his stupid toy monkey and I remember I love him so much I don't know what to do, I love him I love him I LOVE HIM.
Richard Rider, Stockholm Syndrome

Kelly Moran
“Hurray. That almost evened the score in his favor.
Fiona = 3,467,009
Riley = 1”
Kelly Moran, Charmed

Anna Durbin
“His gaze, though almost improper, was the most sensual thing he could have done at the moment, and it jolted her heart into a strange rhythm, leaving her unable to speak.”
Anna Durbin, King of Wands

Alexandria Bellefleur
“Elle was technicolor chaos and the feelings she inspired in Darcy were a hazard straight out of Pandora’s box.”
Alexandria Bellefleur, Written in the Stars

Heather Fawcett
“I prefer your company, Em."
He said it as if it were obvious. I snorted again, assuming he was teasing me. "Over the company of a tavern filled with a rapt and grateful audience? I'm sure you do."
"Over anyone else's company." Again, he said it with some amusement, as if wondering what I was doing speculating about something so evident.
"You are drunk," I said.
"Shall I prove it to you?"
"No, you shan't," I said, alarmed, but he was already sweeping to the floor, bending his knee and taking my hand between his.
"What in God's name are you doing?" I said between my teeth. "And why are you doing it now?"
"Shall I make an appointment?" he said, then laughed. "Yes, I believe you would like that. Well, name the time when it would be convenient for you to receive a declaration of love."
"Oh, get up," I said, furious now. "What sort of jest is this, Wendell?"
"You don't believe me?" He smiled, all mischief, a look I'd seen from other Folk, enough to know not to trust him one inch. "Ask for my true name, and I'll give it to you."
"Why on earth would you do that?" I demanded, yanking my hand back.
"Oh, Em," he said forlornly. "You are the cleverest dolt I have ever met."
I stared at him, my heart thundering. Of course, I am not a dolt in any sense; I had supposed he felt something for me and had only hoped he would keep it to himself. Forever. Not that a part of me didn't wish for the opposite. But that was when I assumed his feelings in that respect were equivalent to what he felt for any of the nameless women who passed in and out of his bed. And why would I lower myself to that, when he and I already had something that was vastly more valuable?”
Heather Fawcett, Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries

Anna Durbin
“Julia’s heart would not be still. It would not stop the riotous beating it began when she saw Charles on the lawn. He had come for her. Despite her wishes, despite her orders to stay away, he had followed her here to Drake Manor, and she loved him all the more for it. Yet, it changed nothing. They still could never be together.”
Anna Durbin, King of Wands

Elif Shafak
“First you meet someone—someone who is completely different from everyone around you. Someone who sees everything in a different light and forces you to shift, change your angle of vision, observe everything anew, within and without. You think you can keep a safe distance from him. You think you can navigate your way through this beautiful storm until you realize, much too suddenly, you are thrust out into the open and in fact, you control nothing.”
Elif Shafak, The Bastard of Istanbul

A.D. Aliwat
“The angel is nothing without the demon.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

Josh Weil
“Ginny who lived her life with hair in the breeze, Stillman who lived his with it under his hat. And he loved her so much the worse for it.”
Josh Weil, The New Valley: Novellas

Anna Durbin
“She spun away from him and raced into the house toward her room to avoid an uncomfortable discussion. And as she flopped back on her bed and stared at the ceiling, she finally confronted the awful, alarming, dreadful, and entirely horrifying possibility that she had been rejecting all day. Though she could hardly accept it, she could no longer deny it. She was pretty sure Mr. Rodman was the King of Wands.”
Anna Durbin, King of Wands

Anna Durbin
“Well, let me put it this way: the only thing about the King of Wands that doesn’t quite fit with you is that he is a man of fiery passions.”
He raised his brows. “And I am not?”
She smirked at him. “I don’t know. Are you?”
Such a question. He dismissed it as rhetorical until she laid the king on the table and locked eyes with him. Boldly. And as he studied her expression, he sensed an invitation. A dare. A challenge for him to answer her about whether he was a man of fiery passions. He nearly succumbed to the temptation to show her just how fiery his passions could be.
Restraint, Charles. Hold yourself in check.
He sobered, as temperance, his lifelong, rational, and calming friend, curbed his urge to kiss the question right off her lips.”
Anna Durbin, King of Wands

Maggie Stiefvater
“You will heal," he said, and then he put his hand on her cheek. There was no feeling of dread, just the feeling of Feradach's hand on her.
"You will always be impossible," he added, and he put his other hand on her other cheek. There was still no sense of doom; of what might be to come.
"You will still be Merida of DunBroch," he said, and he kissed her.
Neither the mortal nor the god had ever been in love before. It is not every day or every week or every month or every year that one person meets another who is their perfect foil, and it is not even every century that the pairing is a mortal and a god. It's more than simply love when it is a pair like this: it is balance, perfect balance, the push-pull of opposite forces that require each other.
It is a sort of love that never grows old.
Magic, magic, magic.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Bravely

Ashlynn Mills
“He was this huge mystery I wanted to take time solving. He had danger written all over him and there was a risk of getting burned, but I wanted to play in the fire”
Ashlynn Mills, A Different Kind of Chemistry

Lisa Kleypas
“In this regard, Daisy reflected, her marriage to Matthew would not be unlike Lillian's with Westcliff. As two strong-willed people with very different sensibilities, Lillian and Westcliff often argued and negotiated... and yet this didn't seem to weaken their marriage. Quite the opposite, in fact- their union seemed all the better for it.
She considered her friends' marriages... Annabelle and Mr. Hunt as a harmony of similar dispositions... Evie and Lord St. Vincent with their opposite natures, as necessary to each other's existence as day and night. It was impossible to say that any of these pairings was superior to the others.
Perhaps, in spite of all she had heard about the ideal of a perfect marriage, there was no such thing. Perhaps every marriage was a unique creation.”
Lisa Kleypas, Scandal in Spring

Criss Jami
“How puzzlingly fitting one can be, a couple of opposites. She was loud and fiery; he was quiet and cold. She always defended him verbally; he always defended her physically.”
Criss Jami

Criss Jami
“Seamed a certain way, they seemed just the same: she was an extrovert, with a style stuck in the period she'd experienced the most fun; he was an introvert, with an intellect entwined at the harbor he'd ensured the most safe.”
Criss Jami

Virginia Woolf
“Dick, you're better than I am"
said Clarissa.
"You see all around, where I only see there" she pressed a point on the back of his hand
"That's my business, as I tried to explain at dinner."
"What I like about you, Dick, is that you're always the
same, and I'm a creature of moods."
"You're a pretty creature anyhow" he said, gazing at her with deeper eyes.
"You think so, do you? Then kiss me.”
Virginia Woolf, Melymbrosia

Sara Desai
“She was the light in his life, the sun to his shadows. She was smart, warm, loyal, sexy, and funny and it was impossible to resist her sweet exuberance. Life was interesting and exciting when she was around. She made his heart pound just being near her, and he was damn sure he made her heart pound, too.”
Sara Desai, The Singles Table

Karelia Stetz-Waters
“Love. How had it happened so quickly? Maybe because her soul had been searching for Selena her whole life without even knowing it.”
Karelia Stetz-Waters, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pasha Malla
“We were different, sure, but isn't it precisely those gaps in which love, like a weed between paving stones, blooms and thrives?”
Pasha Malla, Kill the Mall

Stewart Stafford
“Opposites Attack by Stewart Stafford

Winter's eagle talons swoop,
Scratching sweet faces raw,
As battering waves file back,
The coast's jagged teeth further.

Concerts of hedgerow angels,
Storm the dreaded demon field,
Dispensing ancient retribution,
Righting wrongs along the way.

Gladiatorial combat in the Heavens,
Lightning's fiery net crashes against,
Thunder's convulsing cloaking shield,
And the rainstorm's flogging garlands.

© Stewart Stafford, 2022. All rights reserved.”
Stewart Stafford

Criss Jami
“Masculinity and femininity attract one another, and their attributes are complementary; however this entails more than simply a male being attracted to a female: What actually complements the immature man who runs around, or cheats, or neglects his duties, is the masculine woman because he needs her to lead and to take charge, to take care of him. Immaturity is a state of need, and one of those needs is the need to be kept in check.”
Criss Jami

S.L. Scott
“When we're in here, when we're together like this, forget about everyone else because, unlike the world, I won't disappoint you, Marlow.”
S.L. Scott, It Started with a Kiss

“His worn leather boots are a stark contrast to the white sneakers I wear almost every day. I realize how we look so very opposite: a tatted-up bookseller clad in leather and the sweetie-pie baker in a puffer jacket and thick-rimmed glasses.
But when I look down at our clasped hands, my heart thunders yet again, like it has ever since the two of us got together.
We fit together perfectly.”
Sarah Echavarre Smith, The Boy With the Bookstore

“He serves justice the best he can.
I serve revenge in the way it needs to be.”
S.T. Abby, The Risk

“How fitting an end to us. You can't love me, and I can't look at you every day and pretend to not love you,”
C.A. Night, Radiant

Mia Monroe
“I don’t care, Gabriel. I don’t care if you're Einstein or Carl Sagan. The planetarium is mine.”
I scoff. “I guess we’ll see about that.”
“We will.”
Mia Monroe, Stars Collide

Kayla  Cunningham
“When the waiter left, I asked Xuan, “Have you ever wondered about God? Or religions other than your own?”

“Most of my family is Buddhist. Growing up, every year my grandparents on my mother’s side organized a chaoshan jinxiang—what I think you know as a pilgrimage. We’d go to the city’s most important religious site, Miaofengshan, or the Mountain of the Wondrous Peak, which is considered one of the five holy mountains that match cardinal directions in geomancy. They still go yearly to pay their respects to the mountain and to present incense. Honestly, I’ve only stepped foot into one church in my life, and that was with my nǎi nai.”

I knew nǎi nai meant “grandmother” in Chinese.
“You did?” I asked, a little surprised. He’d never mentioned that.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I used to spend weekends at her house. She had a lot of paintings of Jesus, and a beautiful jade rosary. When I was young, she took me to a Catholic church, and I remember watching her as she asked God for several things and lit prayer candles. Nǎi nai believed a church was a place where dreams were realized. She told me to tell God my wishes and He would grant them. I remember what I said to her when she told me to make a wish.” Xuan offered an indulgent half smile. “Where is God, huh? Look around us. Look at all the bad things that happen in this world. God isn’t a genie, and a church isn’t a place for wishes to be granted. It’s a place for the lonely, sick, weak, and broken. It’s a place people go to not feel alone. But my nǎi nai still went back, every Sunday.”

I continued watching Xuan, not quite sure where this conversation was going. I patiently waited for him to make his point.

“I didn’t make any wishes that day. I had never made a wish or spoken to God until the night of the mudslide. But I remember, in Colombia, looking out onto the road and seeing your vehicle trapped, and silently I prayed. I’ll believe in you. So please... . save her. If you let her live, I’ll happily give up the rest of the time I have left alive. Take me and let Cassie live.”
Kayla Cunningham, Fated to Love You

Ana Huang
“You think you're broken, but I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. Smart. Strong. Beautiful. Imperfect by your own standards but so wonderfully perfect for me.”
Ana Huang, King of Pride

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