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Cassie Brode
“Obtaining a certificate in nursing assistant trains students to provide quality care to residents in nursing homes.”
Cassie Brode, Aniyah Certified Nursing Assistant

John Cage
“Combine nursing homes with nursery schools. Bring very old and very young together: they interest one another.”
John Cage, M: Writings '67-'72

Donna Tartt
“Putting your time in at the office; dutifully spawning your two point five; smiling politely at your retirement party; then chewing on your bedsheet and choking on your canned peaches at the nursing home. It was better never to have been born-never to have wanted anything, never to have hoped for anything.”
Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

Atul Gawande
“She visited a nursing home nearby. 'It was actually one of the nicer ones,' she said. 'It was clean.' But it was a nursing home. 'You had the people in their wheelchairs all slumped over and lined up in the corridors. It was horrible.' It was the sort of place, she said, that her father feared more than anything. 'He did not want his life reduced to a bed, a dresser, a tiny TV, and half of a room with the curtain between him and someone else.'
But, she said, as she walked out of the place she thought, 'This is what I have to do.' Awful as it seemed, it was where she had to put him.
Why, I asked?”
Atul Gawande, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End

“In the past five years, C. diff has spread across the globe, helped in large part by air travel, the availability and frequent use of antibiotics, and the graying of the world’s population.”
J. Thomas LaMont

“Among frail, elderly patients, C. diff can be fatal in approximately 5-10%. Some patients with severe C. diff end up losing their colon and have a permanent bag on their side to catch bodily waste, via a procedure known as an ileostomy.”
J. Thomas LaMont

“Some studies have reported C. diff in food purchased in a supermarket. Dogs, horses, pigs, and rabbits can also be carriers of C. diff, although spread of disease from pets or domestic animals to humans has yet to be documented. Like most infections, it is usually impossible to pinpoint the source of C. diff.”
J. Thomas LaMont

“Testing stools for C. diff in patients after they have finished their Flagyl or Vanco for 10 days and after their bowel movements have returned to normal (that is, formed and not watery) is a waste of time and money, and is not helpful to the doctor or patient.”
J. Thomas LaMont

“Hospitals in almost every country have reported outbreaks of C. diff, and the number and severity of cases continues to soar. In 2010 there were 350,000 cases of C. diff diagnosed in U.S. hospitals. That means that of 1,000 patients admitted to U.S hospitals, 10 will become infected with C. diff, most of them elderly. In some hospitals and nursing homes, as many as one in five patients is infected.”
J. Thomas LaMont

“Once C. diff leaves the colon of the infected patient in a liquid stool, it usually converts to a spore that is like a seed that lies dormant in the hospital until it gets picked up by a suitable human host. Once swallowed, C. diff germinates (hatches) in the bowel and starts a new cycle of infection.”
J. Thomas LaMont

“The idea behind a stool transplant is to “reseed the lawn,” so to speak. After exposure to weeks or months of antibiotics (including Vanco) the normal bowel flora — the organisms in your colon that help prevent infection — is weakened. They simply can’t keep C. diff out. In other words, the normal barrier function of the colonic flora is gone, and C. diff gets right back in. So putting in some normal flora from a healthy donor is like reseeding the lawn — it restores the barrier. When that happens, C. diff cannot get back in, and the infection is cured.”
J. Thomas LaMont

“Some older or very ill patients may not be suitable candidates for fecal transfer. Colonoscopy is an invasive procedure, especially for those patients who are too ill with other conditions like cancer, heart failure, dialysis, or Alzheimer’s.”
J. Thomas LaMont

Jonas Jonasson
“To think that Allan was going to enjoy one more breakfast in his life without porridge! That was good news indeed.”
Jonas Jonasson

Seré Prince Halverson
“The TV shouted an old black-and-white film he didn't recognize, wheelchairs facing it like church pews.”
Seré Prince Halverson, All the Winters After

“Many people infected with C. diff are sick with diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, and weight loss. Others are “carriers” of C. diff with no signs or symptoms of disease. Some of these carriers have been recently infected with C. diff but have recovered and now feel well. But carriers still have the C. diff organism in their stools and can serve as a silent reservoir of infection in hospitals and nursing homes.”
J. Thomas LaMont

Kim Addonizio
“59/ I walk into Summerville and no matter what my mood is it instantly drops about thirty degrees.”
Kim Addonizio, Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life

“C. diff can sometimes be life-threatening, even in healthy young adults.”
J. Thomas LaMont