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Patricia Briggs
“Reluctantly, I pulled out my necklace and showed it to them.

Samuel frowned. The little figure was stylized; I suppose he couldn't tell what it was at first.

"A dog?" asked Zee, staring at my necklace.

"A lamb," I said defensively, tucking it safely back under my shirt. "Because one of Christ's names is 'The Lamb of God.'"

Samuel's shoulders shook slightly. "I can see it now, Mercy holding a roomful of vampire at bay with her glowing sheep."

I gave his shoulder a hard push, aware of the heat climbing to my cheeks, but it didn't help. He sang in a soft taunting voice, "Mercy had a little lamb...”
Patricia Briggs, Moon Called

Shel Silverstein
“Rockabye Baby, in the treetop
Dont you know a treetop
is no safe place to rock?
And who put you up there,
and your cradle too?
I think someone down here
has got it in for you!”
Shel Silverstein

Edward Lear
“They dined on mince, and slices of quince
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon.”
Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussycat

Agatha Christie
“One little Indian left all alone, he went out and hanged himself and then there were none.”
Agatha Christie, And Then There Were None

Cameron Jace
“Snow White one, Snow White two,
Sorrow is coming out for you.
Snow White three, Snow White four,
Black as night, go lock your door.
Snow White five, Snow White six,
Blood red lips and crucifix
Snow White seven, Snow White eight,
White as snow, don’t stay out late.
Snow White Nine, Snow White ten,
Snow White now killed snow white then”
Cameron Jace, Snow White Sorrow

Neal Shusterman
“Let’s all forsake,
The Land of Wake,
And break for the Land of Nod.

Where we can try,
To touch the sky,
Or dance beneath the sod.

A toll for the living,
A toll for the lost,
A toll for the wise ones,
Who tally the cost,

So let’s escape,
Due south of Wake,
And make for the Land of Nod.”
Neal Shusterman, Thunderhead

Katherine Catmull
“A nursery rhyme shapes your bones and nerves, and it shapes your mind. They are powerful, nursery rhymes, and immensely old, and not toys, even though they are for children." "But they make no sense!" Summer protested "Ah, well," said Ben. "Sometimes sense hides behind walls. You must find a window and stick your head right in before you can see it.”
Katherine Catmull, Summer and Bird

“C" is for colonies
Rightly we boast
that of all the great nations
Great Britain has most!”
Mrs. Ernest Ames, An ABC for Baby Patriots

“Sing a song of Tar Ponds City, party full of lies! Four and twenty liars, seventeen hands caught in pies! When the pie was cut, Hugh Briss began to sing! Wasn't that a stonewall rat to set before the Fossil's ding?”
Beatrice Rose Roberts, Twin Loyalties: From the Chronicles of Tar Ponds City

“Like Humpty Dumpty, in the old nursery rhyme, putting the country back together again would not be easy. This feeling of separation and alienation was not a passing thought but lived into the next century.”
George Levy, To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas 1862-65

Marc Vyvyan-Jones
“Yan, tan, tethera, pethera, pimp,
Sethera, lethera, hovera, covera, dik;
Yan-a-dik, tan-a-dik, tethera-dik, pethera-dik, bumfit,
Yan-a-bumfit, tan-a-bumfit, tethera-bumfit, pethera-bumfit, figgit.”
Marc Vyvyan-Jones, The Barefoot Book of Rhymes Around the Year

Drew Magary
“She crossed her legs and kicked out her feet, clad in thick wool socks and boots big enough to house a little old lady.”
Drew Magary, The Hike

Georgette Heyer
“Thought the world of you, did Kitten. Wouldn't hear a word against you; wouldn't even admit you can't drive well enough for the F.H.C. That shows you! Always seemed to me she only thought of pleasing you. If she took a fancy to do something she shouldn't, only had to tell her you wouldn't like it, and she'd abandon it on the instant. Used to put me in mind of that rhyme, or whatever it was, I learned when I was a youngster. Something about loving and giving: that was Kitten!”
Georgette Heyer, Friday's Child

Marie  Blair
“But where are the socks in the morning, Mom?
Not outside in the hall.
No matter how long I look for them
I can’t find any at all.”
Marie Blair, Bobby and the Monsters

Marie  Blair
“Mom laughed and said, “It’s just Rocky Plum.”
“Who in the world is that?”
Marie Blair, Bobby and the Monsters