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Myron Uhlberg
“Does sound have rhythm? Does it rise and fall like the ocean? Does sound come and go like wind?”
Myron Uhlberg, Hands of My Father: A Hearing Boy, His Deaf Parents, and the Language of Love

Anthon St. Maarten
“Don’t believe the noise. Those mean, petty, hateful voices will never be the majority. They only seem loud and pervasive, because they have the idle time to broadcast their negativity. The rest of us are too busy with real efforts to make the world a better place.”
Anthon St. Maarten

E.M. Forster
“Then she broke down, for with the cessation of activity came an unexpected terror —silence. She had never known silence, and the coming of it nearly killed her —it did kill many thousands of people outright. Ever since her birth she had been surrounded by the steady hum. It was to the ear what artificial air was to the lungs, and agonizing pains shot across her head. And scarcely knowing what she did, she stumbled forward and pressed the unfamiliar button, the one that opened the door of her cell.”
E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops

Steve Maraboli
“When masks fall off, don’t focus on where they fall, focus on who they reveal. If you allow it, chaos will be a great illuminator. Ignore the noise, but pay attention to the direction in which it comes. Situations like this reveal who’s who and what’s what. The noise is just a distraction.”
Steve Maraboli

“In a jungle when you hear the cacophony of crows, you know a lion has come.

If there were no crows how would we know about the lion.

Do you think a lion goes out there, runs after a deer and kills it? Do you know that when a lion walks, all birds are chirping and circling above, monkeys and other animals are continuously taking positions while making war cries. In this cacophony, a lion has to find a prey.


शेर शांति होने का इंतज़ार नहीं कर सकता

जंगल में जब हम कौवों का शोर सुनते हैं तो मालूम पड़ जाता है कि शेर आ गया।

अगर कौवे शोर न मचाएं तो शेर का पता कैसे चलेगा? क्या आप सोचते हैं कि एक शेर सिर्फ हिरण के पीछे दौड़कर उसे मार लेता है? सोचिए कि इस चिड़ियों के अंतर्नाद के बीच, बंदरों और तमाम जानवरों के हाहाकार के बीच एक शेर को अपना शिकार करना पड़ता है।

शेर शांति होने का इंतज़ार नहीं कर सकता!”
Vineet Raj Kapoor

Michael Bassey Johnson
“When you go to say hello to nature, put every redundant sound away, for nature is music, and that alone should suffice.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Donna Goddard
“The silence is constant. The noise is temporary.”
Donna Goddard, Pittown

Jacques Attali
“There is no communication possible between men any longer, now that the codes have been destroyed, including even the code of exchange in repetition. We are all condemned to silence - unless we create our own relation with the world and try to tie other people into the meaning we thus create. That is what composing is. Doing solely for the sake of doing, without trying artificially to recreate the old codes in order to reinsert communication into them. Inventing new codes, inventing the message at the same time as the language. Playing for one's own pleasure, which alone can create the conditions for new communication. A concept such as this seems natural in the context of music. But it reaches far beyond that; it relates to the emergence of the free act, self-transcendence, pleasure of being instead of having.”
Jacques Attali, Noise: The Political Economy of Music

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
“The supply of information to which we are exposed thanks to modernity is transforming humans from the equable second fellow into the neurotic first one. […] the second fellow reacts to real information, the first largely to noise. The difference between the two fellows will show us the difference between noise and signal. Noise is what you are supposed to ignore, signal what you need to heed.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
“Just as we are not likely to mistake a bear for a stone (but likely to mistake a stone for a bear), it is almost impossible for someone rational, with a clear, uninfected mind, someone who is not drowning in data, to mistake a vital signal, one that matters for his survival, for noise.”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder
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“When I am so certain—expressing my views, asserting my narrative, and moving my agenda forward—I cannot hear God. His voice is quiet; a whisper that is easily missed in the din and clamor of the world. But I will hear Him: either now (because I step away from my insistence that I am right) or in the end (because all of my nonsense will flee away in His presence). And when I hear Him, error will fall silent and truth will shine forth like the beautiful light of dawn after a dark and lonely night.”
Jean-Michel Hansen

“Choose truth. Resist not-truth. Think courageously, meaning boldly. Reject the propaganda of the world. Choose truth. You won’t find it in the loudest, most insistent, most demanding voices. Truth is quiet. Very quiet. Truth is found in stillness and privacy. It brings peace. Be still. Choose truth. Believe. Be grateful.”
Jean-Michel Hansen

Kevin Young
“a calm that would undo
most anyone who

thought noise worse
than its opposite”
Kevin Young, Brown: Poems

Mehmet Murat ildan
“A man who does not appreciate silence must be sentenced to noise!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The world is relentlessly inundated with a deafening barrage of screaming voices that incessantly clamor for superiority over all of the other voices. However, God’s voice is not clamoring for anything. Rather, it’s simply waiting until you realize that there’s no substance to be discovered in the noise, because truth can only be found in His words.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“The Hollow man makes most noise of
Ignorance than wisdom;
Oh, the modern man!”
Ujjal Mandal

Mehmet Murat ildan
“The student asked: Master, I love silence and serenity, noise and chaos make me sick! The master answered: Then learn to stay healthy in the noise and chaos and make the noise and chaos sick!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Ruth Ann Oskolkoff
“The revolution began in the mid-twenty-first century, after a few earlier false starts. It essentially happened when the Gulf Stream suddenly stopped. The methane released from melting tundra was too much. Only then did people walk out to the streets. They were completely non-violent, but it was positively everyone. Civilization basically shut down. Each person brought something to make noise with, and the sound was deafening. Many had gathered in the centers of power and raised the decibel level.”
Ruth Ann Oskolkoff, Zin

A.D. Aliwat
“Flashing colors, noise, nonsense.”
A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo


इंसान तेरा दुनियां में शोर कितना है


28 April International Noise Awareness Day”
Vineet Raj Kapoor

Jacques Attali
“Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise.”
Jacques Attali, Noise: The Political Economy of Music

“Noise has boundaries. Silence has none.”
Meeta Ahluwalia

“Noise brings confusion. Silence brings clarity.”
Maxime Lagacé

Wisława Szymborska
“So much world all at once--how it rustles and bustles!
Moraines and morays and morasses and mussels,
the flame, the flamingo, the flounder, the feather--”
Wisława Szymborska, View with a Grain of Sand: Selected Poems

“Those who make the most noise will get the most attention, but will also receive the least amount of respect. You can speak volumes without constantly turning up the volume. The louder the sound the more likely the people will tune it out”
Christine E. Szymanski

“When I close my eyes and navigate far, deep inside myself, I sometimes experience the entirety of existence as just.... bhaaaaaaaaaa!”
Kayo K.

Michel Serres
“There are objects I seem to live through more than view. I think I pick up noises from them more than I see them, touch them, or conceive them. I hear without clear frontiers, without divining an isolated source, hearing is better at integrating than analyzing, the ear knows how to lose track. By the ear, of course, I hear: temple, drum, pavilion, but also my entire body and the whole of my skin. We are immersed in sound just as we are immersed in air and light... We breathe background noise, the taut and tenuous agitation at the bottom of the world, through all our pores and papillae, we collect within us the noise of organization, a hot flame and dance of integers. My acouphenes, a mad murmur, tense and constant in hearing, speak to me of my ashes, perhaps, the ones whence I came, the ones to which I will return. Background noise is the ground of our perception, absolutely uninterrupted, it is our perennial sustenance, the element of the software of all our logic. It is the residue and the cesspool of our messages.”
Michel Serres, Genesis

“Healing from a toxic relationship, of any kind, is a choice everyday to not allow their words and actions to affect your own words and actions. This takes much patience on your part to rise above all of this clutter and noise. It is so much easier to react and so much harder not to. Toxic people crave your reaction, let them starve. It will certainly pay off in the end, with your sanity checked back in. Be patient with yourself.”
Christine E. Szymanski

Richie Norton
“Noise: The blessing of so many voices is we can find someone singing our song and join in. As far as personal circles go, our decisions have a larger impact than we can imagine.”
Richie Norton

Richie Norton
“Noise: The blessing of so many voices is we can find someone singing our song and join in.”
Richie Norton