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Kiera Cass
“I clutched my chest, feeling my heart racing. “You treacherous, treacherous thing. What have you done?”
Kiera Cass, The Crown

Charlotte Eriksson
“I just wish you could see my demons for what they are, and lay here beside me on the floor. No words. Just your presence.”
Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

Rainbow Rowell
“He still looked like something Eleanor didn’t have words for.”
Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

Jason Medina
“She gazed at him alluringly and grinned. No further words were necessary.”
Jason Medina, A Ghost In New Orleans

“Maybe we ran out of words, maybe we don't know what to say, maybe we both want to go our separate ways, maybe we want to speak up but we're afraid. All I know is this feeling isn't fading away.”
Dalal Gebara

“До какой же мерзости опускается человек......только для того , чтобы утешить свое ущемленное эго.......”

Kelseyleigh Reber
“I can see her struggling to find the right word. Death seems so harsh. Passing so oblique. Some things are beyond words, I suppose, and she never finishes the statement. It seems right, that her words should fall into oblivion; after all, she—like me, like everyone—has no words for what follows, for the unknowable, only her hopes and prayers and an unwavering faith in something more.”
Kelseyleigh Reber, If I Resist