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“Fred Olmsted sat at the edge of the stagecoach seat, chattering to his father about their trip. How exciting to see the towns and forests of western New York! Suddenly, Fred stopped talking. That roar in the distance could only be one thing. Niagara Falls!”
Julie Dunlap, Parks For The People: A Story About Frederick Law Olmsted

Vinita Kinra
“Niagara Falls is the hanging tongue on the face of the earth, drooling endlessly over its own beauty.”
Vinita Kinra

“And the single action scam was dispensing cash like water gushing down Niagara Falls.”
Joe Bruno

Frank T. Bullen
“His tremendous struggles caused such a commotion that our position could only be compared to that of men shooting Niagara in a cylinder at night.”
Frank T. Bullen

James C. Dobson
“22. Faith in God is like believing a man can walk over Niagara Falls on a tightrope while pushing a wheelbarrow. Trust in God is like getting in the wheelbarrow! To believe God can do something miraculous is one thing; to risk His willingness to do it in your life is another.”
James C. Dobson, Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

Faisal Tehrani
“Orang selalu berkata cinta itu buta. Sebenarnya cinta itu penipu yang bijaksana. Sebanyak mana kita mendekati orang yang kita cintai, sebanyak itu juga dia menjauhi kita. Dari cinta sebetulnya kita tidak akan temui apa-apa, melainkan igauan. Atau barangkali calaran-calaran luka sepanjang masa. - Basri
Faisal Tehrani, Cinta Hari-Hari Rusuhan

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