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Dreams dress us carefully in the colors of power and faith.
“Dreams dress us carefully in the colors of power and faith.”
Aberjhani, I Made My Boy Out of Poetry

“With its leaves so rich and heavy with elation and its crimson face made brighter with visions of divinity the shadow of a certain rose looks just like an angel eating light.”
Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

“قالَ لــي المحبــوبُ لمّا زرتُهُ - مَنْ ببابي؟ قلـتُ: بالبابِ أنَـــا
قال لــي: أخطأتَ تعريفَ الهوى - حينمــا فــرّقتَ فيــه بَيْنَنَا
ومضـــى عــــامٌ فلمّا جئتُـــهُ - أطرُقُ البــابَ عليـــه مُوهِنَــا
قال لي: مَنْ أنتَ؟ قلتُ: انْظُرْ فما - ثَـــمّ إلّا أنتَ بالبـابِ هُنَـا
قال لي: أحسـنتَ تعريفَ الهوى - وَعَــرَفتَ الـحُــب فادخُل يا أنَا”

“I die, and yet not dies in me
The ardour of my love for Thee,
Nor hath Thy Love, my only goal,
Assuaged the fever of my soul.

To Thee alone my spirit cries;
In Thee my whole ambition lies,
And still Thy Wealth is far above
The poverty of my small love.

I turn to Thee in my request,
And seek in Thee my final rest;
To Thee my loud lament is brought,
Thou dwellest in my secret thought.

However long my sickness be,
This wearisome infirmity,
Never to men will I declare
The burden Thou has made me bear.

To Thee alone is manifest
The heavy labour of my breast,
Else never kin nor neighbors know
The brimming measure of my woe.

A fever burns below my heart
And ravages my every part;
It hath destroyed my strength and stay,
And smouldered all my soul away.

Guidest Thou not upon the road
The rider wearied by his load,
Delivering from the steeps of death
The traveller as he wandereth?

Didst Thou not light a beacon too
For them that found the Guidance true
But carried not within their hand
The faintest glimmer of its brand?

O then to me Thy Favour give
That, so attended, I may live,
And overwhelm with ease from Thee
The rigor of my poverty.”
ذو النون المصري, Sufism: An Account of the Mystics of Islam

“Looking at a painting of an artist who has already died, is kind of mystical magic that touches the soul. It is like looking at a star at night, that died centuries ago, even though you're still in their light.”
Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Ansul Noor
“There is only gain when you love Nature so profoundly, the richness is everlasting , however much spent'.”
Ansul Noor, Soul Fire

Evy Zen
“If one spends too much time running / `round in the labyrinthine archives / of the mind, one finds a Lady Past / who, alas, can never be changed, /rather, relived–empowered—so-muchso / that she grabs choking-hold / of Today, blues her face, & robs / you of your pr(essence).”
Eva Xanthopoulos, Esoterra

“In the moonlight and under the stars
Somehow your face seems clearer

I revere your presence and remember
We are warriors
Thrusted onto this plane

We are strong

We must use our strength
While bearing compassion

It's easy to get lost
This place makes it so easy to get lost

In the moonlight and under the stars
Somehow your presence seems clearer
And I remember
We are warriors”
Nancy Navene

“For now, I’ll show you the brilliance in vanishing
Like a sky set on fire by a sun’s burning desire to meet his star’s sire
A paradox caught in a bird’s open box
Then, we can love and hear the smile in this child’s eye
Because the boy told me it’s all for real
While the king stands guard and keeps both truth and lie concealed”
Tavisha Sh, I tell myself, it's the enticing lull of the moon and her shadow

“Mystical poetry can help transform us - if we allow it,”
Bert McCoy

“Mystical poetry announces a deeper level to being human.”
Bert McCoy

“Mystical poets meet us in the heart.”
Bert McCoy

“Great poetry is pulled from a magic hat.”
Bert McCoy

“Mystical poetry stills the mind.”
Bert McCoy

“The Ocean of Love is awaiting our return - Let's help others while we play on the shore.”
Bert McCoy

“A great wave of souls ebb and flow within and without of this world.”
Bert McCoy

“The wise ones have been tortured by their minds for lifetimes - listen to what they have to say.”
Bert McCoy