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Steven J. Daniels
“A good friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body.”
Steven J. Daniels, Weeds in The Garden of Love

Siobhan Dowd
“Knowledge can be like the skin on the surface of the water in a pond, or it can go all the way down to the mud. It can be the tiny tip of the iceberg or the whole hundred percent.”
Siobhan Dowd, The London Eye Mystery

Carl Hiaasen
“But Erin let it slide. The child was only four years old; she had a whole lifetime to learn about sadness. Today was for Dalmatians, ice cream and new dolls.”
Carl Hiaasen, Strip Tease

Bernard Jan
“All rivers carry their secrets, but not every river keeps its secret forever.”
Bernard Jan, January River

Dana Stabenow
“She raised her head again. "Aren't you supposed to come over all manly man and forbid the little lady from taking such risks with her fragile self?"
"I like my balls right where they are," he said, and she laughed and put her head back down on his chest.

Kate Shugak to Jim Chopin
Though Not Dead
Dana Stabenow

Kate Collins
“Lottie did everything the old fashioned way, including the bookkeeping, which was fine with me since I knew nothing about accounting software anyway. To me, spreadsheets was what I did on Saturday mornings after washing my bed linen.”
Kate Collins, Snipped in the Bud

“The love of money can do wicked things to one's soul.”
Jules Haigler, The Color of Red

Kate Carlisle
“Men were good for one thing only. Killing spiders.”
Kate Carlisle, Homicide in Hardcover

Guillaume Apollinaire
“You alone in Europe are not ancient oh Christianity

The most modern European is you Pope Pius X

And you whom the windows observe shame keeps you

From entering a church and confessing this morning

You read the prospectuses the catalogues the billboards that sing aloud

That's the poetry this morning and for the prose there are the newspapers

There are the 25 centime serials full of murder mysteries

Portraits of great men and a thousand different headlines

Guillaume Apollinaire, Zone

A.J.  West
“A mystery is only a fact in disguise”
A.J.West, The Spirit Engineer

Rene Gutteridge
“Find my weak points, but more importantly, find yours.”
Rene Gutteridge, Misery Loves Company

M. Scott Verne
“I do tasks for the gods, usually things like tracking down rare items or taking someone safely to a destination."
D'Molay the Freeman Tracker”
M.Scott Verne, City of the Gods: Forgotten

Chip Tudor
“I was glad this religion thing worked for Mom, but for me? No thank you.”
Chip Tudor, Soul Pursuit: A Jack Sterling Detective Novel

Chip Tudor
“I hung up realizing the hard part to this case would not be apprehending Jimmie. It would be finding him.”
Chip Tudor, Soul Pursuit: A Jack Sterling Detective Novel

Juliette Benzoni
“On peut être criminel sans sans avoir jamais manié une arme ou une pince-monseigneur.”
Juliette Benzoni, Les larmes de Marie-Antoinette

Wendy  Kendall
“Katherine spoke gruffly and fast, "Hello. Where's your officer? The suspect is getting away."
"Ma'am, please stay calm and hang on the line. They're on the way."
Katherine unlocked the door to the yard and whispered to the 911 operator, "I'm in pursuit.”
Wendy Kendall, Kat Out of the Bag

Krystalle Bianca
“she was perfectly prepared for her own demise.”
Krystalle Bianca, Perfectly Fractured (The Imperfect, #1).

Caleb Wygal
“Death is the only law free of discrimination. Everyone dies. Most don’t get to choose when.”
Caleb Wygal, Death on the Boardwalk

Caleb Wygal
“Sometimes the brain gets left out of the equation when a person builds up a belief in something so much that they believe it with their heart and soul. They want to hold onto their convictions when confronted with truths contrary to their views of reality.”
Caleb Wygal, Death on the Boardwalk

“We save every patient, each in different ways." Dr. Leonard Anderson
Lying Evidence, a novel”
Hugh Bradley

Stephen Spotswood
“The lady of the house has gone adventuring and I know not where.”
Stephen Spotswood, Fortune Favors the Dead

Stuart Bone
“Nobody had seen a thing but that didn't stop everyone talking. You didn't have to witness something to gossip to someone else about it.”
Stuart Bone, Reflections

Catherine McKenzie
“That girl wasn’t who she wanted to. be anymore, but sometimes you don’t get to choose who you are.”
Catherine McKenzie, I'll Never Tell

Catherine McKenzie
“She wasn’t a collector of facts about people, this birthday, that anniversary. She cared more about the content of a person.”
Catherine McKenzie, I'll Never Tell

Alistair Cross
“There was a dark side to the human heart and never was it more alive and well than when people found something good to gossip about.”
Alistair Cross, Sleep Savannah Sleep

Neil Peter Christy
“Revenge is a dish best served with old friends.”
Neil Peter Christy, Head Lion

Sidney Sheldon
“Civilization was a thin, dangerously fragile veneer, and when that veneer cracked, man became one with the beasts again, falling back into the slime of the primeval abyss he prided himself on having climbed up from.”
Sidney Sheldon, The Naked Face

Sam  Ingraffia
“To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you aren't, pretend you are.--Muhammad Ali”
Sam Ingraffia, The Right Stiff: A mystery with magic, the Mob & a frozen beauty queen

“I may have flaws but I have very good posture and I'm surprisingly good at Scrabble.”
Ingraffia Sam

Joan Hess
“...I didn't feel overly safe and secure in the hotel, even with cops in the kitchen and cops in the dining room and cops in the alley out back. Hell's bells, I was a cop, and I sure wouldn't have depended on me for anything more than a neatly written parking ticket.”
Joan Hess, Maggody in Manhattan

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