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Kristin Hannah
“I am a mother and mothers don’t have the luxury of falling apart in front of their children, even when they are afraid, even when their children are adults.”
Kristin Hannah, The Nightingale

S.K. Tremayne
“Having a kid is like an industrial revolution of the emotions. Suddenly you can mass produce worry, and guilt.”
S. K Tremayne

Anchee Min
“Like a singing river
You break out to flow freely
I am the mountain behind
Happily I watch you
Memory of us
Full and sweet”
Anchee Min, Empress Orchid

Aaron Dries
“This isn’t how things were supposed to happen. I was supposed to be me.

Not this.”
Aaron Dries, Where the Dead Go to Die

Rachel Marie  Martin
“Today in an auditorium full of parents my son scanned the room looking for me.

When he saw me his face lit up the room.

He wasn't looking for the perfect parent.

He was looking for his mom.

Don't ever forget the power of simply being their mom.”
Rachel Marie Martin, The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again

Vimala McClure
“Mother is the reflective principle,
the balancing agent for the child.
Like a guru, she allows the child to
make mistakes and loves the child
without condition. Like nature,
she allows consequences to unfold
and balance to be restored when
it is lost.”
Vimala McClure, The Tao of Motherhood

“She will even give upon herself and her dreams, but not on you and your dreams.”
Luffina Lourduraj

Ariel Levy
“To become a mother, I feared, was to relinquish your status as the protagonist of your own life. Your questions were answered, your freedom was gone, your path would calcify in front of you. And yet it still pulled at me. Being a professional explorer would become largely impossible if I had a child, but having a kid seemed in many ways like the wildest possible trip.”
Ariel Levy, The Rules Do Not Apply

Munia Khan
“I'm two days away
from day after tomorrow
Counting the hours
to my upcoming sorrow
Suddenly I look
into the eyes of my child
Then all sadness gone
as I smile the way she smiled”
Munia Khan

Tanya Masse
“Don't compare yourself to other MOMS... We are all just winging it, just some hide it better than others.”
Tanya Masse

Max Monroe
“Motherhood changed you from the second you looked into the big, innocent eyes of your child. Within an instant, you had an unlimited supply of love for that precious, tiny being. They would forever be yours, and you would forever be the one person who would always love them, protect them, cherish them, worry about them, and fight for them.
Everything else felt minor in comparison.”
Max Monroe, Scoring the Billionaire

Weina Dai Randel
“...children are birds, and a mother is the tree. No matter how far the birds fly, they always long for the tree to rest on.
But a tree will fall...
Even if it falls or dies, its roots delve deep into a child's heart and nourish it with her eternal thoughts.”
Weina Dai Randel, The Moon in the Palace

Jasleen Kaur Gumber
“There would be,
half a million things,
I could do,
yet I don’t know,
what would be so?

When I will see you,
for the first time,
calm, twined in your
daddy’s arm,
coming towards me,
I could do,
half a million things-
caress your skin,
fondle your chin,
stroke though your limbs,
smoothly touch your lips,
and make my silent wishes,
for your health and,
your intellect.

Half a million things,
I could do,
yet I don’t know,
what would be so?

When I will see you,
for the first time,
I could say,
half a million things-
call you my kid,
read a fine script,
whisper love in your ears,
sing a hymn.

Half a million things,
I could say,
yet I don’t know,
what would be so?

I fear though,
what if I am unable to,
do any of this,
and all I end up with,
just a knot of tears,
loaded with,
some of the most pure prayers,
I have ever chaired.

Half a million things,
I could do and
I could say,
yet when it happens,
little will my practice play.

Half a million things,
and I wouldn't know,
how and where one begins.”
Jasleen Kaur Gumber

“When I was younger, I use to laugh at my mom when she was silly. Now that I'm older, I find myself just as silly as her. Thanks mom, for teaching us that even as adults, it's OK to be fun and enjoy life laughing. I now get to teach my nephews and stepdaughter the same thing.”
April Mae Monterrosa

Sarah Menkedick
“I resist the exhaustion, the sensitivity, my rounded belly and breasts. I resist, above all, the softness of pregnancy. Pregnancy is all curves and couches and naps, all tenderness and susceptibility.”
Sarah Menkedick, Homing Instincts: Early Motherhood on a Midwestern Farm

Gillian Marchenko
“I may not be the best mom. I may not even get back to being the average mother I once claimed to be. But I'm here. I'm getting back up. I'm not leaving. And I'm the mom God ordained for these fours souls, and therefore I am their best mom.”
Gillian Marchenko, Still Life: A Memoir of Living Fully with Depression

Vimala McClure
“Right mothering meets the
child’s need.

Focusing on what the child should
not be draws resistant energy. Pointing
out what the child should be feeds
self-hatred and struggle.”
Vimala McClure, The Tao of Motherhood

Girish Kohli
“Creativity is the only way a man can ever experience motherhood.”
Girish Kohli

Jennifer Givhan
“What I’m asking is will watching The Discovery
Channel with my young black boy instead
of the news coverage of the riot funerals riot arrests
riot nothing changes riots be enough to keep him
from harm?”
Jennifer Givhan, Protection Spell: Poems

Jennifer Givhan
“My god
is frozen-mouth. She is get-out-of-this-town-

or-hell-freezes-over. She is paycheck
to paycheck. Each night when she goes to bed, my god

kisses her kids’ clean faces, then, thanking herself, her own.”
Jennifer Givhan, Protection Spell: Poems

Jennifer Givhan
“The balding headstones
of the others—quarantined

from their own mothers & sisters & daughters—
I wondered if they, like us, were strange

alloys of sadness & forgetting
the words to the songs.”
Jennifer Givhan, Landscape with Headless Mama: Poems

Andrea Lochen
“Love had still seemed like such a paltry thing in the face of all my doubts then, much the way it felt now. David had worries my love couldn’t touch, fears my love couldn’t easily dispel. My love seemed like a well-worn blanket instead of the titanium shield I needed.”
Andrea Lochen, Imaginary Things

“Motherhood isn't just about making babies, it's about making lives and molding destinies.”
Agu Jaachynma N.E.

“Motherhood has taught me that love, is the best gift you can ever give to your children.”
Gift Gugu Mona

Erin Passons
“I voted for every woman who has to leave a baby too soon, who has to downgrade her career, or who is made to feel invisible in her role as a mother.”
Erin Passons, The Nasty Women Project: Voices from the Resistance

Sunanda J. Chatterjee
“The day you call someone "Mother" is the day their pain is hers to bear, your burden hers to carry.”
Sunanda J Chatterjee

“Sarah had no intention of having nannies or anything like that. Her mother had sighed a bit, and said vaguely: ‘I always find women who look after their own children get rather untidy and disorganised. Husbands hate it too'. Sometimes Sarah wanted to slap her face.”
Josa Young, Sail Upon the Land

Vimala McClure
“Remember that every child and every parent has a completely unique and special rela- tionship. That child knows his dad and loves his dad. Our job is to watch that communication, to nurture it, and to support the parents in their heart-to-heart relationships with their children”
Vimala McClure, The Tao of Motherhood

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