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Criss Jami
“In order to share one's true brilliance one initially has to risk looking like a fool: genius is like a wheel that spins so fast, it at first glance appears to be sitting still.”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Emily Arden
“Fate was cruel to play this trick on her, although if she were honest she knew she only had herself to blame. She had taken the chance and now she had to pay the price.”
Emily Arden

Emily Arden
“He felt torn. He wanted her to feel safe with him, but he also wanted her to feel the sort of heady excitement that any young girl should feel when they fall in love. He wanted to give her everything she craved, and he was not quite sure he could do it.”
Emily Arden

Emily Arden
“You may not mean to, but you do seem to look down your nose at many of us mere mortals muddling along down here. I feel as though you think everyone should be better than they are. I certainly think you expect me to behave like some sort of perfect princess. But I’m just an ordinary girl who wants to grow up and find out where I belong in the world.”
Emily Arden, Lover by Moonlight: Deception: Book One

Maddy Kobar
“Don't confuse me for that other girl,
She's a fraud and a fool.
Don't confuse me with anyone else,
I am not anyone other than myself.”
Maddy Kobar, The Songs of The Gullible Wiseman: The Early Poems of Maddy Kobar, 2008-2013

T.C. Matson
“It’s fascinating to watch a man of his stature be so domesticated. It’s downright erotic.”
T.C. Matson, Mistaken Identity

H.E. Bates
“All that sultry May evening I danced physically with Christie, but in spirit with Tina. That special duality of the Davenports, of being able to haunt in absence, was so manifestly strong that several times I only saved myself by the sheerest miracle from calling the girl in the pale primrose dress by the wrong name.”
H.E. Bates, The Four Beauties

“You remember I almost shot Roger Babson one morning when I thought he was a wild turkey.”
Gilbert Mansergh, The Marvelous Journals of Miss Virginia Pettingill