Mint Chocolate Chip Quotes

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Helen Hoang
“She put a spoonful of mint chocolate chip in her mouth. [...]
"Let me try it."
She held her bowl toward him, but he didn't put his spoon in it. He trailed his fingers over her jaw as he tipped her head back and sealed his lips over hers. His tongue speared into her mouth, and the salt of him mixed with the flavor of the ice cream. She didn't know if she was mortified, shocked, aroused or all three.”
Helen Hoang, The Kiss Quotient

Erik Tomblin
“Sometimes you have to know what you're willing to sacrifice to be the person you are meant to be.”
Erik Tomblin

Kaitlyn Hill
“We have access to whatever we want from the FoF fridges and pastries for flavoring or toppings, so I go with a fancy Swiss chocolate for the base with plans to infuse it with pureed mint. It's a glorified mint chocolate chip, but it feels like I'm taking a huge risk. Benny gets quite the kick out of teasing me about putting leaves in my ice cream, even though I show him repeatedly that the mint is not in leaf form by the time I'm mixing it with the chocolate.”
Kaitlyn Hill, Love from Scratch