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“to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always.”
Edward Livingston Trudeau

Salman Rushdie
“All men needed to hear their stories told. He was a man, but if he died without telling the story he would be something less than that, an albino cockroach, a louse. The dungeon did not udnerstand the idea of as tory. The dungeon was static, eternal, black and a story needed motion adn tiem and light. He felt his story slipping away from him, beocming inconsequential, ceasing to be. He has no story. There was no story. He was not a man. There was no man here. There was only the dungeon, and the slithering dark.”
Salman Rushdie, The Enchantress of Florence

“The words travelled down, and in the end I was their only listener; they returned to me with centres slightly loosened.”
Sarah Sasson

“I need you in ways that are both ancient and new.”
Sarah Sasson, Signs of Life: an anthology