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Tiffany Reisz
“Hurt but do not harm?” Zach asked. “What’s the difference?”

“Hurt is a bruise on the outside.” Nora sipped her mineral water delicately. “Harm is a bruise on the inside. If you’re a masochist, pain feels like love to you. Not being hurt is what hurts.”
Tiffany Reisz, The Siren

Ella Dominguez
“Please, Sir, make it hurt.”
Ella Dominguez, The Art of Domination

Yuna Kagesaki
“Well, you're right. I'm a Freak."


"I love being bullied. Being hit and kicked by others gets me totally excited. That's what kind of freak I am.
Sorry if that bothers you.”
Yuna Kagesaki, AiON Volume 1

“The sadist desires to command and control. The masochist desires to be freed from the burdens of liberty. That is Socialism.”
A.E. Samaan, From a "Race of Masters" to a "Master Race": 1948 to 1848

Kamand Kojouri
“I know you not quite well
Yet I foolishly surrender my mind to you.
Slowly and carefully you have cast a spell
Now my virgin heart only longs for you.
There is no need to push, I am already falling.
Once proudly tall, I’m no longer standing.
Knowing well that I am doomed to misery,
I will roll the dice and take delight in my suffering.”
Kamand Kojouri

Natalie Bennett
“We can sit here and pretend to be normal. But I'm still a sick, needy masochist who uses you as a stand in for my drugs, and you're still a sadist.”
Natalie Bennett, Mercy, Bound, Released

Jonathan Latimer
“I like big men,” she said.
Her voice was raspy, like she had a cold. She came up to me and grabbed my arm. Her fingers hurt the muscles. I could smell her perfume. She came close to me. I thought I knew what she wanted. I tried to kiss her. She jerked away.
“I’m sorry.”
She slapped me. She was strong, my cheek stung. She moved in, swinging both arms. Now she had her fists closed. She hit my arms and my chest. I tried to hold her.
“Hit me!” she said.
It was goddam queer. I held her arms, but she got loose.
She struck my chest.
She said: “Hit me.”
I hit her easy on the ribs.
“That’s right! That’s right!” She hit me a couple of hard blows. Her eyes were wild. She hit me a hard punch on the neck. I hit her in the belly. I heard the breath go out: ouf! It didn’t stop her. She kept coming in, punching hard.
I gave her one over the kidneys. She grunted and clinched with me. She bit my arm until the blood came. I slapped her. She put her knee in my groin. It hurt. I lost my balance, grabbed for her, and we both went down. We rolled around on the dirty floor of the shack, both panting. She was hard to hold, and every time she got loose she’d hit or kick or bite me. I got over her, holding her down on the floor. She looked beautiful and wild. She bit my arm again and I slugged her in the ribs. She moaned, and then struggled free. My hand caught in the scarlet shirt. The silk tore to her navel.
“Yes,” she said.
I got the idea. I ripped the shirt off her, she fighting all the time and liking it. I ripped at her clothes, not caring how much I hurt her. She squirmed on the dirty floor, panting. There was blood on her mouth. I don’t know if it was mine or hers. It tasted sweet. Suddenly she stopped moving.
“Now,” she said. “Now, goddam you. Now!”
Later we lay on the floor.
“I don’t understand you,” I said.
“It’s fun, isn’t it?”
“Then what do you care?”
Jonathan Latimer, Solomon's Vineyard

“Every Masochist Needs a Sadistic To Love Them.”
Tiffany Danielle, Candy Cane 2: Soda Pop

Fuminori Nakamura
“The ultimate end of sadism is ruin and murder. The one in control is always the masochist.”
Fuminori Nakamura, The Kingdom

Edmund White
If the baron is a masochist himself, then why would he attract another masochist? I suppose he wants someone cute to attract other sadists.
Edmund White, Our Young Man