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Maggie Stiefvater
“You and I both know that love is for children,'' he said. ''We're adults. Compatibility is for adults.''

''Compatibility is for my Bluetooth and my car,'' Teresa replied. ''Only they get along just fine, and my car never makes my bluetooth feel like shit.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Sinner

Maria Dahvana Headley
“I was becoming convinced that I was going to be lonely for the rest of my life. It wasn't that I wasn't meeting men. I was. It was just that they all drove me crazy.”
Maria Dahvana Headley, The Year of Yes

Sacha Guitry
“The best way to turn a woman's head is to tell her she has a beautiful profile.”
Sacha Guitry

Maria Dahvana Headley
“I frantically opened my address book and searched it for someone, anyone, who'd moved me, who'd been good in both bed and brain. No. A slew of the so-so.”
Maria Dahvana Headley, The Year of Yes

Maria Dahvana Headley
“The main problem of living in the city that never sleeps that neither did I.”
Maria Dahvana Headley, The Year of Yes

Vinko Vrbanic
“Women should not feel obliged towards any men for eternity. They earned this privilege by gathering berries, digging roots, picking wild rice, and chewing the skin to make it soft for 999 thousand years, while the men were having fun in the open chasing deer and fighting among themselves.”
Vinko Vrbanic

Maria Dahvana Headley
“...instead of the smoldering, soul-baring, Abelard-to-Heloise-sans-castration solicitations you rightfully deserve, you're getting stupefying lines like: "I'm listening to NPR. Do you want to come over and make out?”
Maria Dahvana Headley, The Year of Yes

Talia Carner
“She opened her Bible to the poetry of the Song of Solomon, forbidden to her virgin mind.
The verses alternated between the bride's and the groom's lines, packed with words of desire of both spirit and body. And then there were the Daughters of Jerusalem, the maidens surrounding the bride, who tempted her to indulge in love before marriage, until she pleaded with them to wait. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem... that you stir not up nor awaken love until it pleases.
What did that mean?
Set me as a seal on your heart, a seal on your arm. For love is strong as death, passion fierce as Sheol. What exactly were love and passion to be this ardent? Ruthi had no passion for Yossel and his painful yi'chud, so unlike these fervent verses.
A cool breeze stroked the needle-fingered leaves of the cypress outside the yard, and Esther's skin prickled with whatever it was that wasn't supposed to be stirred in her yet. May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth- for your love is better than wine. Your anointing oils are fragrant, your name is sweet-smelling oil. So the maidens love you.”
Talia Carner, Jerusalem Maiden

Hiroko Oyamada
“It's just, families are strange things, aren't they? You have this couple: one man, one woman. A male and a female, if you will. They mate, and why? To leave children behind. And what are the children supposed to do? Turn around and do the whole thing over again? Well, what do you do when what you've got isn't worth carrying on? The things people do for family.”
Hiroko Oyamada, The Hole

Ramón María del Valle-Inclán
“Hay quien prefiere ser el primer amor. Yo he preferido siempre ser el último.”
Ramón del Valle Inclán, Sonata de Otoño

Saroj Aryal
“You may find a heroic woman on every other corner but a beautiful man is something utterly rare.”
Saroj Aryal

“A man can never win in his life without a woman's guard, the power of women”
Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“A woman will never beg for a successful life from a gentleman”
Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“Behind every unsuccessful woman is a man like a holy shit”
Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

Kabir Helminski
“Ibn Arabi is suggesting that the contemplation of God is possible, indeed enhanced, through the human form: when man contemplates the Reality in woman he beholds God. The Epiphany that Ibn Arabi found in the contemplation of the feminine need not be exclusive to the feminine. Indeed, as the Qur‘an says in Surah Tin, the human being is created in the most beautiful proportions, created on an archetype of beauty. What Ibn Arabi found in his contemplation of Woman is a profound recognition of the Divine in the „other“. Since God has breathed His Spirit into human beings, the outward form is creaturely, while the inner nature is Divine. Therefore, God is loving Himself in us, and we are loving God in each other. In the same way, man is loving himself in woman, and she is loving herself in him. But the finding of wholeness within oneself doesn‘t necessarily cancel out the beautiful polarity between lovers. Ibn Arabi is describing sexual union as a mirroring of God within God, as a Divine Union of deep awareness, and this is the appropriate human state for sexual relations. Sexuality is sacred because it is a form of relationship within this great electromagnetic field of Love. To disparage this polarity is a denial of the Divine origins of our very humanity. To ignore its spiritual potential is to deny the Spirit that has been breathed into us. (p. 107)”
Kabir Edmund Helminski, Holistic Islam: Sufism, Transformation, and the Needs of Our Time

Collette O'Mahony
“I started
You finished
I ended
You began
I paused
You continued
I whispered
You sang
I thought
You knew
I lingered
You ran
I looked
You reflected
I am woman
You are man”
Collette O'Mahony, The Soul in Words: A collection of Poetry & Verse

C.S. Lewis
“Humans want crumbs removed; mice are anxious to remove them. It ought never to have been a cause of war. But you see that obedience and rule are more like a dance than a drill - specially between man and woman where the roles are always changing.”
C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength

“may we continue to fool ourselves we don't know each other so that we can continue to love each other”
Wald Wassermann

“First there was one not wanting to be alone.
Then there was one purposely forgetting it was two for love.”
Wald Wassermann

“i want to please you for the god you are as long as you recognize me for the goddess i am”
Wald Wassermann

Criss Jami
“Just as a good man makes a good woman happy, a good woman makes a good man great.”
Criss Jami

Stephen Spender
“Through man’s love and woman’s love
Moons and tides move
Which fuse those islands, lying face to face.
Mixing in naked passion,
Those who naked new life fashion
Are themselves reborn in naked grace.”
Stephen Spender

“God made them male and female- two words not crafted by a person, or group, or society, or culture, or America for that matter, but used by God to describe what He'd make and exactly what He'd designed them to be. Out of the same God came two different bodies. And after creating them, lastly, after all that had been made before, God looked at them and everything else and called it and them good. The plants? Good. The stars? Good The fish's fins? Good. What about Adam and Even? What about their eyes, and how their mind made them see the same thing through a different lens? Or their hands, and how Adam's were wide enough to hold a hoof or two and Eve's small enough to fit a bird in it. Or Eve's voice and how it sounded like the morning and his, sounding like he'd just spit out a mountain. Or his brow bone, strong as a fist. Her face, soft as an amen. All of this, God said was a 'very' good thing. Why? Because a good God made it.”
Jackie Hill Perry, Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was and Who God Has Always Been

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