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Sarah J. Maas
“You said you didn’t care what I thought. Or what I did. Or if I died, if I’m not mistaken."

“I lied! And you know I lied, you stupid bastard!”
Sarah J. Maas, The Assassin's Blade

Holly Black
“I love my parents' murderer; I suppose I could love anyone.”
Holly Black, The Cruel Prince

Crystal Woods
“Even before we met and long after we're both gone, my heart lives inside of yours. I'm forever and ever in love with you.”
Crystal Woods, Write like no one is reading 2

Paulo Coelho
“Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you´ll find your treasure”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Amit Kalantri
“I always have many roads to travel, but I take the one which leads to you.”
Amit Kalantri, I Love You Too

Karen Quan
“I have always wanted to give you the world, so I started giving you pieces of the oceans that kept us apart.”
Karen Quan, Write like no one is reading

Sanober  Khan
wounds me
with soft pillows
with tender lips
and fingers”
Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest

Sanober  Khan
“You are that one breath. that puts all the remaining breaths. back into my body.”
Sanober Khan

“ليس الحـب فقط هـو مايجعلنا سعداء , فالذكريات مع أحد الآصدقاء ترسم بسمه من نـوع خاص”
فارس أحمد طه, حنين

Candace Knoebel
“I’m only going say this—love is a wild creature that cannot
be tamed. It’s unconditional. And although it sometimes makes you
feel like one small person against this big old world, you must remember
you are the world to one particular person. - Astral”
Candace Knoebel, Embracing the Flames

Anmol Rawat
“If you can forget the person you love, you have not loved enough.”
Anmol Rawat, A Little Chorus of Love

“We thought everything would be
forgotten, but I still remember your
claws running down my back.

I wonder if you still think about us,
the way I do.

How our legs would crash
into each other in the middle
of the night, and how we ended
up creating the moon in the
confines of our beds.”
Zaeema J. Hussain, The Sky Is Purple

Maquita Donyel Irvin
“she was completely whole
and yet never fully complete”
Maquita Donyel Irvin, Stories of a Polished Pistil: Lace and Ruffles

Barbara Lieberman
“One does not seek love,' she told him, 'it should find you all on it's own”
Barbara Lieberman, The Treasure of Ravenwood

Amir Khusrau
“Khusrau darya prem ka, ulti wa ki dhaar,
Jo utra so doob gaya, jo dooba so paar.

English Translation.

Oh Khusrau, the river of love
Runs in strange directions.
One who jumps into it drowns,
And one who drowns, gets across.”
Amir Khusrau, The Writings Of Amir Khusrau :700 years after the prophet : a 13th-14th century legend of Indian-sub-continent

“I think it's important as a women to know who you are and what you deserve. We, ourselves set the boundaries of what we choose to accept.
Instead of complaining about the men who's actions don't fit your own & move on and find one that does.”
Nikki Rowe

“It's loud inside my head, with those words I want to say to you.”
Jayson Engay

Daniel Handler
“This is how it is in life and love. In life and love we are with people for a while, and then we join other people, people we have not met, and we walk with them, and we leave behind all the things we used to be. Sometimes we leave people behind too... This happens everyday. Everyday this happens and scarcely anybody cares.”
Daniel Handler, Adverbs

“You wanna love me for the rest of your life?”
“Baby, I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life,” Harry says, pressing a quick, careful kiss to the corner of Louis’ mouth. “I just hope that you want to be loved by me for the rest of your life.”
whoknows, Indestructible

“I enjoy the wild things,
Call me at 3 am and tell me you're waiting at my door. Give me sunsets in different cities and road trips on dirt tracks not sighted on maps.
Whiskey for breakfast & cheap thrills for dinner.
Give me happiness in a smile and nothing of certainty but the way we make eachother feel.
There so much life in living while you're alive & id give absolutely anything to have it all with you.”
Nikki rowe

Bob Marley
“when the words not enough to describe how much you love....
even you know she/he don't anything for you......
you cant fall a sleep exactly like before's"
Bob Marley, The Future Is the Beginning: The Words and Wisdom of Bob Marley

Udai Yadla
“It’s beyond your consciousness that your soul lingers with the person you love and hence your mood will affect the one you love. This is the reason why you sometimes sense your mood changing mysteriously with no reason.”
Udai Yadla

Julie Kagawa
“I learned that love can transcend race and time, and that it can be beautiful and perfect and worth fighting for but also fragile and heartbreaking, and sometimes sacrifice is necessary. That sometimes it’s you against the world, and there are no easy answers. That you have to know when to hold on…and when to let go.”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron Queen

Anna Todd
“Far from a normal-functioning relationship, but normal has never been our thing.”
Anna Todd, After We Fell

“Before meeting you, I didn't know what it was like to feel lonely. I never even considered myself to be alone. That's because when you feel lonely, it means that there is someone for you to miss.”
Yuuki Obata

“Every second i live in a hope to meet you one day.....
I die every second in a fear of loosing you”
Shantanand Sharma

K.Y. Robinson
“love ridden
i searched for you
in corridors,
open doors
and in endless seas
of similes
and metaphors
but we never were
on the same page.”
K. Y. Robinson, The Chaos of Longing

Kamand Kojouri
“I do not write about love
as if I have invented it.
I write about love
because thoughts of you
inspire self-forgetfulness.
And because writing about you
gives birth to a star.
These stars sit inside me
where there was once
Kamand Kojouri