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Margaret Atwood
“Maybe that's what love is, I thought: it's being pissed off.”
Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood

Chris Dee
“(Love is the puzzle that) can’t be solved. Catlike, it follows no rules but its own, and only it knows what they are. Also it can change the rules any time it wants, in any way it wants, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”
Chris Dee, Cat-Tales Book 5

Katherine Reay
“Maybe that's what love is—sacrificing yourself to save another, taking the insult or taking the hit.”
Katherine Reay, Dear Mr. Knightley

Mike Gayle
“Love is so complicated, that is why it is love.”
Mike Gayle, His 'N' Hers

“Love ? Love is when you are ready to do every possible and positive thing for someone,”

“But he was not Matthew. He was everything that Matthew was not. He was safety and comfort and warmth. He was home. He was everything in the world that was hope and sunshine. He took a step toward her and opened his arms to her, and she was in those arms without ever knowing how the distance between them had closed.”
Mary Balogh, The Secret Pearl

Nikki Rowe
“I don't care for the colour of your skin, I care for the size of your heart behind it.”
Nikki Rowe

“What is love? Love is when your heart has a raging boner.”
Oliver Markus Malloy, Inside The Mind of an Introvert

Moffat Machingura
“It was strange what Chris was feeling within, but he didn’t mind for he was loving her.”
Moffat Machingura, How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Love is many kind acts accumulated over time that leave us feeling wonderful.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

“Love is something that you nurture every day and every single moment, with every breath you take.”
Angie karan

Chloe Thurlow
“Love is war. The best tactic in attack is surrender.”
Chloe Thurlow, Katie in Love

“Love is the definition of me leading you gently back to yourself”
Leo Buscaglia PhD

Alexis  Hall
“The truth is, my granddad’s a pretty biased man. He thinks I’m this astonishing, talented, wonderful person, in spite of all available evidence to the contrary. But that’s sort of what love is, I guess.”
Alexis Hall, For Real