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Carlos Ruiz Zafón
“In fact I don't think of literature, or music, or any art form as having a nationality. Where you're born is simply an accident of fate. I don't see why I shouldn't be more interested in say, Dickens, than in an author from Barcelona simply because I wasn't born in the UK. I do not have an ethno-centric view of things, much less of literature. Books hold no passports. There's only one true literary tradition: the human.”
Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“They're auras, Davey. I see them, too. The longer you stare at them, the wider the energy field expands until more colors begin to show themselves.”
Christina Westover, The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac

Dejan Stojanovic
“Cosmos is God, who whispered the syllable of life.”
Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

William H. Gass
“As Borges has taught us, all the books in the library are contemporary. Great poems are like granaries: they are always ready to enlarge their store.”
William H. Gass, Reading Rilke: Reflections on the Problems of Translation

Marcel Proust
“Now I could appreciate the merits of a broad, poetical, powerful interpretation, or rather it was to this that those epithets were conventionally applied, but only as we give the names of Mars, Venus, Saturn to planets which have nothing mythological about them. We feel in one world, we think, we give names to things in another; between the two we can establish a certain correspondence, but not bridge the gap.”
Marcel Proust The Guermantes Way

Edith Grossman
“For those of us who take literature very seriously, picking up a work of fiction is the start of an adventure comparable in anticipatory excitement to what I imagine is felt by an athlete warming up for a competition, a mountain climber preparing for the ascent: it is the beginning of a process whose outcome is unknown, one that promises the thrill and elation of success but may as easily end in bitter disappointment. Committed readers realize at a certain point that literature is where we have learned a good part of the little we know about living.”
Edith Grossman Why Translation Matters

Élise Turcotte
“… I don't know what to say.'
‘That’s okay. Sometimes talking is like singing in a storm.’
‘Like when you’re scared?’
‘Or when you’re sad?’
‘That too. A voice can be reassuring.”
Élise Turcotte, Guyana

“حتى أنا وحيدة ، وحيدة لدرجة الاختناق ، وحيدة مثل كلب عليل”
صباح الدين علي, Kürk Mantolu Madonna