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Abraham   Verghese
“This is my life, I thought...I have excised the cancer from my past, cut it out; I have crossed the high plains, descended into the desert, traversed oceans, and planted my feet in new soil; I have been the apprentice, paid my dues, and have just become master of my ship. But when I look down, why do I see the ancient, tarred, mud-stained slippers that I buried at the start of the journey still stuck to my feet?”
Abraham Verghese, Cutting for Stone

Richelle E. Goodrich
“If we were always given a choice as to every path presented us in life, a multitude of roads leading to priceless treasures would forever go untraveled.
Be grateful for your adversities.
From toil and triumph evolves a life worth living."

—from "Brahna A'Mahr
Richelle E. Goodrich

“Nobody is perfect, and thats part of the beauty of being human. Hopefully, as we travel along on lifes journey, we become increasingly brave about exploring who we really are and can enjoy sustained, robust, excellent mental health.”
Raktim Maiti

“my dear
a beautiful word Mast .
meaning in my life a 'spar' in change ,a pole of old ship in to a new direction ,a new mast of my new ship .secured long last ,forever .

conversation with my life

Victoria Addino
“To lose your way is easy, it's finding your way back thats difficult”
Victoria Addino

“Choose wisely it effects not only you but every life you touch.”
Joseph Meyering Sr

“I see that my own life can be a story you tell yourself, that you can both be the person reading and the thing being read.”
Sara Collins