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“I believe that flowers are like people. Flowers come in different colours, shapes and sizes. Some extremely rare and some very common. They are all beautiful in their own unique way.”
Alex Haditaghi

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Your life will be colourful if you just add colours to your life! It is your own decisions that will determine to have a miserable or a marvellous life!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“The life is insignificant....... until it faces the problem.”
Soudip Sinha Roy

“dear me

which one ? Ship or Boat ?
on a boat -it's keel me and you . little to collect so we meet each other now & then . little to loss ,at time of depart other than most valuable both of us .
Ship ? it's complicated .

conversation with my life

Ken Poirot
“GPS has saved countless relationships because us men do not like to ask for directions. Now if women could only come with relationship GPS we would be one step closer to world peace.”
Ken Poirot

Soulla Christodoulou
“You have to focus on the here and now. The future will work out itself.”
Soulla Christodoulou, Broken Pieces of Tomorrow: Strong women don't give up...They find a way through tears and thrills to love again...