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Michelle Cruz-Rosado
“Letting go doesn’t just mean letting go of the past, but letting go of an unknown future; and embracing NOW.”
Michelle Cruz-Rosado

Lauren Wolk
“But the wind always swept my words away like cloud shadows, as if it mattered more that I said them, than who heard them.”
Lauren Wolk, Wolf Hollow

Wes Adamson
“Sometimes it’s hard to know when to let go. It can be so personal…like the autumn leaf still hanging on the limb in the late October sky, Mother Nature sends a gust of wind to nudge it’s stem loose. For us we must listen for our own nudge from the inner soul. We must know…we will feel, it’s ok to let it be.
*“Whispers words of wisdom let it be.”

- Wes Adamson

* “Let It Be” lyrics by Paul McCartney”
Wes Adamson

Gina Greenlee
“We often mistake letting go for giving up. Knowing the difference between
the two can make all the difference in the end.”
Gina Greenlee, Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

“Think differently, BE better!”
Darren L. Johnson

“Sophia sat in meditation on the riverbank when a student bent down to place two enormous pearls at her feet as a gift.
She opened her eyes to see the pearls. She picked one up, but dropped it. It rolled down the hill upon which she was sitting and into the river. The student chased after it and looked all afternoon, diving, coming up for air, diving back down.
“Sophia,” he asked. “Could you show me where it went in? I can’t find it.”
“Right there,” she said throwing the other pearl in the river.”
David W. Jones, For the Love of Sophia: Wisdom Stories from Around the World and Across the Ages

Justin Young
“Choosing to Let Go crashes the pity party thrown by all the “What ifs” and “If onlys.”
Justin Young