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Elizabeth Scott
“You ready?" Evan asks, and he's looking at me, and I love his hair, I love his smile, I lo--"I Love You," I say, and as I watch his smile bloom I finally get how great those three little words are. I finally get what they really mean.”
Elizabeth Scott, Bloom

“Mr. Grabby Hands has issued you an order.”
Lauren Smith

“Well, aren't you a wet dream.”
Lauren Smith

“Stay, Sophie. Looking at you makes me feel better." Cody shot a more energetic grin at his employer and friend.

"Why?" she asked.

"You're hot, babe." Cody shot a wicked smirk at his boss.

"Cody, find your own hot woman to drool over." A war of looks began between the two men, half sneers and mockingly threatening scowls.

"Can't. Stuck in this damn bed. So I'll borrow yours.”
Lauren Smith

“As long as you don't tell your father that I seduced you, tied you to my bed and made love to you, then treated you like my personal sex slave, I'll probably make it through the meeting alive. Explaining dominant behavior isn't exactly easy. I'll be lucky if he doesn't kill me.”
Lauren Smith