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Julia Quinn
“Gareth?” Hyacinth said softly.

He turned to her, wondering how long he’d been standing there, pondering his options. “Hyacinth,” he said.

She looked at him expectantly.

“Hyacinth,” he said again, this time with a bit more certitude. He smiled, letting his eyes melt into hers. “Hyacinth.”

“We know her name,” came his grandmother’s voice.

Gareth ignored her and pushed a table aside so that he could drop to one knee. “Hyacinth,” he said, relishing her gasp as he took her hand in his, “would you do me the very great honor of becoming my wife?”

Her eyes widened, then misted, and her lips, which he’d been kissing so deliciously mere hours earlier, began to quiver. “I…I…”

It was unlike her to be so without words, and he was enjoying it, especially the show of emotion on her face.


“Yes!” his grandmother finally yelled. “Yes! She’ll marry you!”

“She can speak for herself,” he said.

“No,” Lady D said, “she can’t. Quite obviously.”
Julia Quinn, It's in His Kiss

Julia Quinn
“You’re going to be my grandmother.”
“You silly child. In my heart, I’ve been your grandmother for years. I’ve just been waiting for you to make it official.”
Julia Quinn, It's in His Kiss

Julia Quinn
“Oh, go ahead and giggle," Lady Danbury sighed. "I've found that the only way to avoid parental frustration is to view him as a source of amusement.”
Julia Quinn, How to Marry a Marquis