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Emme Rollins
“My task is set before me, girl
My mission clear and true
There’ll be black knights and dragons, girl
But I will always come for you…”
Emme Rollins

Anthon St. Maarten
“These days when you kiss a prince you often run the risk of turning him into a frog. But don't let the ogres in shining armor get you down. There is no need for distress - you don't want to be anyone's damsel anyway. Simply remind yourself that you are busy racking up those 'frequent failure points' that will eventually pay for an all expenses paid trip to Mr Right.”
Anthon St. Maarten

Richelle E. Goodrich
“My knight may not wear a coat of shining armor, but his code of glowing honor will never fail to protect us both from evils far worse than any fire-breathing dragon.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

Mallika Nawal
“Because of their DNA, most men loved a damsel in distress. Every time a man sees a pretty lass in trouble, even the boorish slob-of-a-man transforms into a chivalrous knight-in-shining-armour. This was why most women (no matter how strong, competent or resourceful) were forced to act shy, demure and helpless so that their men could feel like strong grizzly bears or ferocious mountain lions.”
Mallika Nawal, I'm a Woman & I'm on SALE

Dianna Hardy
“Endings bring new beginnings. Love has many truths. And knights come in all colours.”
Dianna Hardy, Summer's End

Melanie Dickerson
“She whispered, "Even with a broken hand, you are the knight I'd most want and trust to rescue me-and I know you can do it. You are the boldest, bravest, most noble knight in the Holy Empire.”
Melanie Dickerson, The Captive Maiden

J. Lynn
“And then he rushed off, like a knight in shining armor, leaving the party and one very unhappy Little Skanky Red Riding Hood behind.”
J. Lynn, Wait for You

Laura Kreitzer
“I like you, Rae. I don’t want to fix you or be your knight in shining armor—even if I’d look damn good wearing that shit”
Laura Kreitzer, Love's Paradox

Bijou Hunter
“Tommy continued to leer at me like he often did through the curtains while promising to make me squeal. I didn’t think he would give up his prize with just one guy standing in his way.
Even moving fast, Tommy never stood a chance. Judd effortlessly grabbed the freak and slammed his head against the SUV hood. The first impact shattered Tommy’s nose while the second strike splashed blood across the windshield. Tossing him to the ground, Judd yanked out a gun and used its butt to bash Tommy across the head.
When Tommy’s friends moved to help him, Judd pointed the gun at them. “Fuck off.”
“You don’t know who you’re messing with,” said one of the guys.
“I know enough to be sure if I blew this fucker’s head off, you’d dump him in a ditch somewhere instead of calling the cops. Now, either I’m dropping all four of you or I let you walk away. How loyal are you fucks?”
Apparently not very loyal, they backed away quickly. Judd held Tommy by the back of his jacket and hit him again and again until the freak who terrorized me for weeks hung limply. Dropping him on the ground, Judd stomped hard on Tommy’s groin. Finally, he wiped the bloody gun handle on Tommy’s jeans before returning the weapon to his jacket.
Walking leisurely around the SUV, Judd joined me inside. He said nothing while using the wipers to remove the blood from the windshield. Despite the violence, Judd looked bored. Hell, he wasn't even winded.
As we pulled away from the motel, I couldn’t take my eyes off Judd. He was both my handsome knight in shining armor and the scariest motherfucker I’d ever seen.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Knight

James Baldwin
“But she saw nothing in my eyes—she stared at me as though I had made a long journey on a white charger all the way to her prison house.”
James Baldwin, Giovanni's Room

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