Kashmir Unrest 2016 Quotes

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“Our freedom walk is adorned by the schools that we have burned, embellished by the eyes that no longer see and haunted by the wails of half widows that we left to be damned! Let go. Be free.”
BinYamin Gulzar

“Losing the plot again to the rhetoric called "Azadi".
Trapped in a "Status quo"of fragmented reality , we eroded the seeds to our future.(yet again).
Somehow (I) forgot that -
Actions have consequences. Non actions have "deadly " consequences too & turning blind eye to something so obvious will eventually produce the generation of "vision less society". (Literally and figuratively).”
BinYamin Gulzar

“Killing children in kashmir is LEGAL while
Fighting for basic human rights is ILLEGAL.
I think it's time , all of us collectively did an introspection at what is RIGHT as Opposed to what is LEGAL.”
BinYamin Gulzar

“60 days of hyper delirium. 60 days of insatiable pain and we are, where we were! . The cruel fact is that the truth exposes the ugly side of us so deeply, that we find solace in the last defence hiding behind the carefree facade of this never-ending insanity.”
BinYamin Gulzar

“In the randomness of thoughts I couldn't help but think that at times of adversity most of us compromise our greatest talents and run after what we perceive to be more achievable success and in this paradox we end up with a discontented settlement.
Safely cocooned in our comfort zone . Stable .... Without any progression ! Am I the only disbeliever to believe that two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer...oxymoron !”
BinYamin Gulzar

“And so the 5 months of hyper nationalism bites the chilly winter frost! The 5 point plan got so shady that even the murkiest water of dal couldn't wash the blot on our conscience, proving yet again the resilience of a common Kashmiri to withstand economic doom and social ambiguity from past 140 days and still have Herculean courage to start all over . .... from the grounds up !”
BinYamin Gulzar

“A century gone by and still the wounds remain fresh , the problem unresolved and a zillion questions unanswered. The subliminal hyper nationalist state with so maligned dynamics that a simple wrong step is enough to wake the beast from its simmering slumber and throw the entire nation into whirl pool of unaccounted casualties....
A millions lives lost , businesses uprooted and educations at stake ...this is a jinxed paradise where the wails of the half widows reach the heavens and bring nothing but sorrow.
Legend has it that this place will be swallowed in one great leap of water as we will self annihilate everything and thus life will complete its full circle.
"Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return”
BinYamin Gulzar

“The thread of shattered hopes covered us with the masquerade of betrayal. As always we will start picking up the pieces of our worthless life, scattered over the last 150 days in the hope of deliverance. With so many of us blinded for life ,some of us taken away for life all together, (you broke your promise once again), And I shall close the eyes of my conscience so that I don’t introspect about the distrust,
long term suffering we will have to endure ,for we will always remain the nation of the suppressed!

Promises and lies!!”
BinYamin Gulzar

“By sheer faith the walls of Jericho had fallen , after they were encompassed for about seven days, while,we weren't able to achieve the " so called " attainable freedom of mind ,within 7 prolonged months !

The question is , do we have the faith alive in us or alike everything tangible ,we lost it somewhere while creating a momentary deception amongst us ?”
BinYamin Gulzar