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Donald Jeffries
“I can remember when believing in conspiracies wasn’t cool. Now, in the
second decade of the twenty-first century, more people are starting to
sense that things may not be as they appear to be. The truth in Lord Acton’s
classic axiom that “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”
becomes more self-evident every day. Politicians from the only two parties
we have to choose from break promises, are unresponsive to the will of the
people, and opt for war, austerity measures, and state control over and over
again. Gary Allen, author of the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, defined
things perfectly when he wrote, “It must be remembered that the first job of
any conspiracy, whether it be in politics, crime or within a business office, is
to convince everyone else that no conspiracy exists.”
Donald Jeffries, Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics

Donald Jeffries
“The legitimacy of Oswald’s alleged alias, Alex Hidell, is tainted beyond
repair by the nature of the Selective Service card supposedly found on him
after his arrest in the Texas Theater. This card bore a photograph of Lee Harvey
Oswald but the name of Alex Hidell. The problem is real Selective Service
cards never had photos on them, so the card would have been worthless as
a means of identification. It was perfect, however, for instantly associating
Oswald with the Hidell alias. Oswald apparently only used this alias twice—
once to order the unreliable rifle later dubiously tied to the assassination,
and once to order the revolver allegedly used to kill Officer Tippit. The
authorities claimed Oswald utilized a P.O. Box, under Hidell’s name, for
just this purpose. Critics quickly pointed out how senseless this would have
been, as anyone could have purchased better, cheaper weapons on virtually
every street corner in 1963 Dallas, with no convenient trail left behind.”
Donald Jeffries, Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics

Gayle Nix Jackson
“The truth is for those who seek it!”
Gayle Nix Jackson

Jim Garrison
“I'm afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security.”
Jim Garrison

Donald Jeffries
“Questions surround nearly every aspect of the assassination. The chain
of possession regarding each piece of evidence was tainted beyond repair.
The presidential limousine, which represented the literal crime scene,
was taken over by officials immediately after JFK’s body was carried into
Parkland Hospital and tampered with. The Secret Service apparently cleaned
up the limousine, washing away crucial evidence in the process. Obviously,
whatever bullet fragments or other material that was purportedly found
there became immediately suspect because of this. On November 26, the
windshield on the presidential limo was replaced.
The supposed murder weapon—a cheap, Italian Mannlicher-Carcano
rifle with a defective scope, allegedly ordered by Oswald through a post office
box registered to his purported alias, Alex Hidell—is similarly troublesome.
The two Dallas officers who discovered the rifle on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building, Seymour Weitzman and Eugene Boone,
both swore in separate affidavits that the weapon was a German Mauser. As
was to become all too common in this case, they would later each claim to be
“mistaken” in a curiously identical manner.
In fact, as late as midnight on November 22, Dallas District Attorney
Henry Wade would refer to the rifle as a Mauser when speaking to the press.
Local WFAA television reported the weapon found as both a German Mauser
and an Argentine Mauser. NBC, meanwhile, described the weapon as a British
Enfield. In an honest court, the Carcano would not even have been permitted
into the record, because no reliable chain of possession for it existed. Legally
speaking, the rifle found on the sixth floor was a German Mauser, and no one
claimed Oswald owned a weapon of that kind.”
Donald Jeffries, Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics

Donald Jeffries
“The JFK assassination itself has been dissected to pieces by obsessed
researchers like me. Suffice to say that a few days of intense study of the
available record will convince any honest person, beyond any reasonable
doubt, that Lee Harvey Oswald was not responsible for the crime. The coverup
was so clear and obvious in nature, and so shabbily constructed, that the
conclusion is inescapable that the conspirators who killed him wanted the
kind of controversy that soon exploded, shortly after the first wave of private
citizens began to look at the data.”
Donald Jeffries, Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics

Donald Jeffries
“We stand today on the brink of economic destruction. The housing
market remains stagnant. Unemployment is obviously far higher than
the officially reported figures of 6 to 7 percent, which factor in only those
filing for unemployment benefits. As I was completing this book, there
were alarming reports disseminated by the media that a hundred million
Americans of working age were without jobs. This amounts to a staggering
true unemployment rate of 36.3 percent. While some of those are willfully
unemployed, such as stay-at-home parents, retirees, and high school students,
there is no question that the real rate must still be at least somewhere in the
25-percent range. Student loan debt is quickly surpassing credit card debt
in volume. The cost of living continues to surge, while the vast majority of
American workers receive little or no yearly wage increase. Our industry has
practically left our shores, leaving us incapable of manufacturing anything of
substance. Although the US population increased by 10 percent during the
first decade of the twenty-first century, 5,500,000 manufacturing jobs were lost
during the same time period. The sad reality is America doesn’t make much of
anything anymore. The income disparity has grown to such an extent that the
richest four hundred citizens presently possess more aggregate wealth than
the bottom fifty percent of all Americans combined. If present trends continue,
the United States is rapidly on the way to Third World nation status.”
Donald Jeffries, Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics

Elizabeth Horton-Newton
“Fifty years and people are still talking about who did it.”
Elizabeth Horton-Newton, View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale

Donald Jeffries
“The record is replete with witnesses reporting that they were intimidated
by various authorities. Could all of them, unconnected and unknown to
each other, be having the same fantasies? And if the threats were real, the
obvious question is: why would any law enforcement officer at any level,
or any anonymous phone caller, for that matter, threaten someone if the
assassination was the result of a random act by a lone nut that was no longer
alive? But this is akin to asking why any information about the murder
of John F. Kennedy was ever withheld, let alone still withheld after fifty
years, on the grounds of “national security” if Lee Harvey Oswald was a
minimum-wage loser, with no conspirators, who was out to impress his
estranged wife.”
Donald Jeffries, Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics

“A rising sun died in America and the world on Nov. 22, 1963. Some say that we have never again seen such a rising sun in the sky as we did that morning. Even if it was cloudy or raining that day, the country and world were more innocent and optimistic at that moment than they have been since then. Some say that a piece of all of us – the hope that helps us get through another day - died that day. Others say the act just opened the eyes of many about what the U.S. government and other governments had done in our names for a long time.”
Kevin James Shay, Death of the Rising Sun: A Search for Truth in the John F. Kennedy Assassination

Gayle Nix Jackson
“The truth is for those that seek it!”
Gayle Nix Jackson, Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Assassination Film

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