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Shannon Delany
“Max,' I said, looking up at him, 'I love the Russian heritage you guys are so willing to share, but I'm not so thrilled with the French.'
'What?' His brows lowered. 'We're not French.'
'Great. So the next time you feel the need to kiss me, keep your tongue out of my mouth!”
Shannon Delany, Secrets and Shadows

Beth Fantaskey
“Lucius shrugged. "Perhaps in time you will find it useful."
"Sure. I'll keep it on my shelf right next to The Idiot's Guide to Becoming a Mythical Creature.''
Lucius actually laughed. "Very funny. I didn't know you made jokes."
"I'm a funny person," I defended myself. "And by the way—I don't snore."
"You do snore. And you mumble, too."
My blood froze. The dream . . . "What? What did you hear?"
"Nothing too intelligible. But it must have been a rather pleasant dream. You sounded ecstatic.”
Beth Fantaskey, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Christine Feehan
“Are you ever going to kiss me without swearing first?”
Christine Feehan, A Christine Feehan Holiday Treasury

Beth Fantaskey
“As you wish, of course." Lucius lowered the volume on an old record player, which spun a warped vinyl disk that wailed unfamiliar music, scratchy and whiny, like cats fighting. Or a coffin with rusty hinges opening and closing over and over again in a deserted mausoleum. "Do you like Croatian folk?" heasked, seeing my interest. "It reminds me of home."
"I prefer normal music."
"Ah, yes, your MTV with all the bumping and grinding. Like a shot of raging adolescent hormones administered via television. I'm not averse.”
Beth Fantaskey, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Beth Fantaskey
“You're a wrestler, right, Jake?" Dad asked, passing Jake more saag. My parents were in an Indian food phase. The evening's entree consisted of limp spinach. God forbid we'd throw a few burgers on the grill and just have a barbecue when guests came over.
Jake gave the bright green, mushy contents a wary glance but accepted the bowl. "Yeah. I wrestle. I'm captain this year."
"How Greco-Roman of you," Lucius said dryly, lifting a glob of spinach and letting it drip, slowly, from his fork. "Grappling about on mats.”
Beth Fantaskey, Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Megan McCafferty
“What I envy most about you and everyone else heading back to school is the certainty of it all. You’ve got a prescribed set of requirements to guide you through the next few years. Focus your energy on the completion of those assignments and you’ll succeed. Guaranteed. Where’s my syllabus to guide me through life?”
Megan McCafferty, Fourth Comings

Jean-Paul Sartre
“Why do you keep maintaining your ideas are right if you can't prove them?”
Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit and Three Other Plays

Frank Herbert
“My son displays a general garment and you claim it’s cut to your fit?” Jessica asked. “What a fascinating revelation.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

Carolee Dean
“Do you ever look at the people around you and wonder how you ended up with them?”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Michele Bardsley
“Why are you naked?" "The better to feed you, m'dear." He pointed between his legs and my gaze roved along his cock. Then I saw his forefinger tapping his inner thigh. "Femoral artery." "Riiight. And the major vein in your neck wasn't good enough because… ?" One black brow winged up and those delicious lips curved into a naughty smile. "Ah. Because then I wouldn't have had an excuse to get naked.”
Michele Bardsley, I'm the Vampire, That's Why

Karen Marie Moning
“Suddenly he smiled, and the sadness was vanquished by whisky heat. “Aye, Jessica, I like you. And I’m not just stuck with you. You fit me here, woman.” He thumped his chest with his fist. Then he shook her hand from his forearm and pushed off with the cart again. Jessi watched him move down the aisle, all sleek animal muscle and dark grace.
Wow. He wasn’t a man of many words, but when he used them, he certainly used the right ones.
You fit me here. You are the exception to everything.
It was how she’d always thought a relationship should be. People should fit each other: some
days like sexy, strappy high-heeled shoes, other days like comfortable loafers—but always a good fit. And if you cared about someone, they should be the exception to everything; the number-one priority, the one who came before all others.
He was halfway down the aisle from her now, plucking a
can from the shelf—her primal hunter/gatherer procuring food by modern means, she thought, with a soft snort of amusement.”
Karen Marie Moning, Spell of the Highlander

Carolee Dean
“This is what love is. Not the moments on the beach, or under the stars or the trees, or in the moonlight. Love is sitting together in the quiet, waiting for death to come.
Knowing you’re not alone.”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Scott Westerfeld
“He squeezed her hand. "Then I'll come get you, wherever you are when it happens. We'll be okay."
"But what about everybody else?"
He stared out across the river, nodding slowly. "My guess is, everybody else is in big trouble.”
Scott Westerfeld, Blue Noon

“I wonder what's worse-the invisible scars they leave or the visible scars I inflict upon myself?”
Kathryn Perez, Therapy

Karen Marie Moning
“As she watched, he examined the can intently, read the ingredients, then returned it to the shelf and chose another, repeating his thorough study of it.
The contrast between his rough, tough-guy appearance and the domestic act he was performing did funny things to her head.
She had a sudden, breathtaking vision of a dark-haired little boy sitting in the seat of the cart, laughing up at Cian, grabbing at his swinging braids with chubby little fists, while his daddy inspected the ingredients on a jar of baby food. Her mind’s eye
picture of sexy, strong man with beautiful, helpless child made something soft and warm blossom behind her chest.”
Karen Marie Moning, Spell of the Highlander

Karen Marie Moning
“No new beginnings.
Damn it, it shouldn’t bother her!
But it did. She tried to turn away, but his hand flashed out and caught her by the chin.
“Let me go,” she snapped.
“Nay.” His grip was implacable on her jaw.
There was little point in fighting for control of her face; he could have hoisted her into the air with that one big hand on her jaw, if he’d wished.
He searched her gaze a long silent moment. “You truly doona ken it, do you? Excepting with you, Jessica. You, lass, are the exception to everything,” he said softly.
As if he’d not just knocked the breath out of her with those words and left her feeling weak-kneed, he released her chin, turned away, and began pushing the cart again.”
Karen Marie Moning, Spell of the Highlander

Carolee Dean
“I used to think that words and music could change the world, but look at the people who have made it. You see their faces all over the tabloids talking about their latest stint in rehab”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Megan McCafferty
“According to Jung, synchronicity is an unpredictable moment of meaningful coincidence”
Megan McCafferty, Charmed Thirds

Carolee Dean
“Who cares about my voice? There are more important things going on in the world. I want to make a difference. I’m going to law school. I want to become a public defender.”
I couldn’t believe she’d give up singing to work with scumbags like me. “By the time a guy ends up in front of the judge, it’s too late to make a difference.”
“It’s never too late to make a difference,” she said.
“All I’m saying is that with your music you could have an influence on people before they end up in trouble.”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Carolee Dean
“I have a class in Hermosa Beach that starts at eight, but …”
I wanted to offer to pick up her car, drive her back to Hermosa Beach, take her to the moon.”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

“I'm tired of looking for something that will never be there. I've looked for it on the edge of a blade and at the bottom of a bottle. It's not there. It's just...gone.”
Kathryn Perez, Therapy

Megan McCafferty
“I’m living with K-Fed’s retarded half brotha/sista.”
Megan McCafferty, Fourth Comings

C.D. Reiss
“God, she was one big nerve ending, that girl, and those big brown eyes got just a little wider when she was close. And those bruises. And how she begged for them.
I knew she was special the night I met her, I just didn't know how special.”
C.D. Reiss, Jessica and Sharon

Kody Keplinger
“Look, I’ve already fucked you twice. You don’t have to flatter me. Besides, I love my friends way too much to trade them in for the sake of looking hotter.”
“Yeah. I mean, Casey has been my best friend since, like, forever, and she’s the most loyal person I’ve ever met. And Jessica… well, she has no idea about me and her brother. We weren’t friends back then. In fact, I didn’t want to know her after Jake and I split, but Casey said it would be good for me, and she was right… as usual. Jessica can be a little ditsy, but she’s the sweetest, most innocent person I know. I could never give either of them up just to look good. That’d make me a real dumbass.”
“Then they’re lucky to have you.”
“I just said not to flatter-”
“I’m being honest.” Wesley frowned at the mirror. “I have only one friend-one real friend. Harrison is the only guy who will be seen with me, and that’s because we aren’t trying to attract the same audience, if you know what I mean.” A small smile spread across his lips when he turned to face me. “Most people will do anything to avoid being the Duff.”
“Well, I guess I’m not most people.”
Kody Keplinger, The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Megan McCafferty
“Well, so much for the D’Abruzzi Pussy Legacy. Is nothing sacred?”
Megan McCafferty, Fourth Comings

Carolee Dean
“Are you a virgin?” I asked, “A virgin who’s gonna tear out my heart?”
“Yes … no … wait.” She looked at me. “I’m not going to rip out your heart.”
“Thanks for clearing that up,” I said
“Is that okay with you?” she asked softly.
“Okay with me?”,“No, it’s not okay at all,” I replied.
“Why not?” She looked down at her toes.
“I want you to rip out my heart.”
She smiled, pressed her hand to my chest, and said, “I could never do that.”
You already have, I thought as I took her hand in mine”
Carolee Dean, Take Me There

Catherine Gayle
“You make the puzzle work. Without you, we’re just a bunch of pieces that look like we belong together, but no matter how hard we try to hold on to each other, we fall apart. You’re the glue. You’re the fifth piece that makes everything fit just right.”
Catherine Gayle, Comeback

Adele  Rose
“It was as if she was a wannabe Persian cat who had just tasted sour milk.”
Adele Rose, Shattered

Frank Herbert
terrible things we do to those
we love!”
Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert
“Die Schwärze ist eine schlechte Erinnerung. Man rechnet ständig damit, aus ihr hevortreten zu sehen, was man fürchtet - was man schon immer gefürchtet hat. Man hört in ihr sogar die Schreie derjenigen, vor denen einst die Vorfahren die Flucht ergriffen. In der Dunkelheit erinnern sich sogar die Zellen des Körpers längst vergessener Gefahren.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

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