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“Let your playerhaters be your motivators.”
Alberta Parish

“The true definition of a phony is a high flyer with low mileage; a person who offers a worldview from the comforts of his/her living room.”
Johnnie Dent Jr.

David Lagercrantz
“Your uncompromising attitude makes people feel pathetic. Your very existence reminds them just how much they’ve sold out, and the more you’re acclaimed, the punier they themselves appear. When it’s like that, the only way they can fight back is by dragging you down. The bullshit gives them back a little bit of dignity – at least that’s what they imagine.”
David Lagercrantz, The Girl in the Spider's Web

“There are People that can translocate mountains, But There are also People that can make from a Little thing a story So big as a Mountain in Words to take the Happiness from others away, because of jealousy.”
jan jansen easy branches

“By inhaling my breath, I am not creating shortness for your breath”
Dr.P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“I came to know that my penis has erupted when I had grown but I never came to know that your penis has erupted seeing my growth”
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“My actions, my sequences of life are not determined by you and your shitty mood and needs. You may ignore me at times and happily laugh with me when you like, but remember I am not a child's toy with which people like you can trifle with to enjoy, rather you are the one standing with dirt, hatred, and envious heart which is thrashed and bashed by people already smarter than you and theirs with those who outsmart them and so this cycle repeats and you are lost, as always.”
Saksham Minocha