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Caitlín Maude

Tabhair dom casúr
nó tua
go mbrisfead is
go millfead
an teach seo,
go ndéanfad tairseach
den fhardoras
'gus urláir de na ballaí,
go dtiocfaidh scraith
agus díon agus
simléir anuas
le neart mo chuid

Sín chugam anois
na cláir is na tairnní
go dtógfad
an teach eile seo...

Ach, a Dhia, táim tuirseach!”
Caitlín Maude, Dánta, Drámaíocht agus Prós

Dónal Óg Cusack
“I believe hurling is the best of us, one of the greatest and most beautiful expressions of what we can be. For me that is the perspective that death and loss cast on the game. If you could live again you would hurl more, because that is living. You'd pay less attention to the rows and the mortgage and the car and all the daily drudge. Hurling is our song and our verse, and when I walk in the graveyard in Cloyne and look at the familiar names on the headstones I know that their ownders would want us to hurl with more joy and more exuberance and more (as Frank Murphy used to tell us) abandon than before, because life is shorter than the second half of a tournament game that starts at dusk.”
Dónal Óg Cusack, Come What May: The Autobiography

Eddie Lenihan
“And he got going from there to America. Worked his passage, I s'pose, like a lot more. And I heard he did well in America, too. Got married there. Had a family. But never came back. And you know why? 'Cause if he did, if he ever set foot in Ireland again, you know who'd be waiting for him, don't you?

That's right. The three of 'em. And their box. And the second time they'd make no mistake.

It is a much-overlooked fact that not all of the thousands who fled Ireland in former times did so to escape hunger, deprivation, and persecution. There were also those who went to escape the wrath of the Good People. Many stories illustrated this, the one here being typical.
Eddie Lenihan, Meeting the Other Crowd

Eddie Lenihan
“Who're them?" says he to the curate.
"Them are the fallen angels," says the curate.
They had a human form, no wings. God took the wings off of 'em after Lucifer rebelled - that way they couldn't go back, d'you see. They had no wings. But there was so many of 'em that you couldn't drive a knife down between 'em. They were as thick as hair on a dog's back. They were the finest people he ever seen. And whatever way he looked at 'em, some o' the finest girls he ever seen was in it, he said. They had to be good-looking, you know! 'Twas the sin o' pride put Lucifer down, d'you see. The best-looking angel in Heaven, 'twas the sin o' pride put him down. I s'pose they were nearly all as good-looking.”
Eddie Lenihan, Meeting the Other Crowd

A. Zukowski
“I stare at my hands and remember my dad's and how I trusted them when I was a kid until I learned that they could turn into fists. And words could hurt even more than the bruises.”
A. Zukowski, Liam for Hire

Caitlín Maude
“Bí ann nó as
táimse ag triall Ort

agus má tá
cuirim geasa Ort
mé a shábháil
ón dream
a deir
gur fear fuar
sa spéir Thú.”
Caitlín Maude, Dánta, Drámaíocht agus Prós

Caitlín Maude
“A ógánaigh...
ná bris
an ghloine ghlan
'tá eadrainn
(ní bhristear gloine
gan fuil is pian)
óir tá Neamh
nó Ifreann thall
'gus cén mhaith Neamh
mura mairfidh sé
go bráth?
ní Ifreann
go hIfreann

Caitlín Maude, Dánta, Drámaíocht agus Prós

- do Mháire Mhic Amhlaoibh,
An Fál Mór, Co. Mhaigh Eo.

- Níor airigh tú caint ar an slabhcán? -
arsa Mary Nell le hiontas,
an slabhcán a bhailíodh sí ina gearrchaile di
ar charraigreacha an Fháil Mhóir,
a thugadh sí abhaile
is a ghearradh go mion, é a bhruith ainsin le deoirín uisce.
Nuair a d'fhuaraíodh sé dhéanadh sí leac -
an blas a bhíodh air leis an ngráinne salainn!

Níor bhlais Mary Nell an slabhcán le dhá scór bliain:
- Ní bhadrálann éinne thart anseo a thuilleadh leis,
Róleitheadhach atá siad.
Ach an stuif sin a bhíonns ag fear an tsiopa
I bpotaí beaga a thigeann sé, dath pinc air -

- Yoghurt. Yoghurt!
M'anam go liveálfainn ar an stuif sin.
M'anam go liveálfainn air. -

Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin, INNTI: Uimhir a ceathair déag

“A face on him as long as a hare's back leg.”
Myles na gCopaleen

William Manchester
“It is a source of endless wonder that these two islands lying side by side off the coast of Europe should have been the fount of so much anguish, each for the other. One spawned the mightiest empire in history, and its arrogant overlords were loathed by their oppressed neighbors across the Irish sea. The other -- small, poor, with virtually no valuable natural resources -- supported a people conspicuously lacking in political gifts and afflicted with an extraordinary incidence of alcoholism. "It is a very moist climate," Churchill once observed. Yet endowed with immense charm, romantic vision, and remarkable genius, it was the homeland of Swift, Shore, Yeats, Joyce, Millington Synge, O'Casey, O'Faolain, and Dublin's Abbey Theater.”
William Manchester, The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, Volume I: Visions of Glory 1874-1932

Donna Grant
“We talked about a lot of things yesterday…”
She nodded, frowning. “Yep. Like the fact that you haven’t watched Guardians of the Galaxy. We need to remedy that. Actually, I need to baptize you in the entire Marvel Universe.”
“As you wish…”
Donna Grant, Torched

“When the British Empire turned their back on millions of Irish dying during the Great Famine, Muslim nations sent food relief.”
Fuad Alakbarov, Exodus

Donna Grant
“You and me,” Ulrik said. “No friendship has ever been stronger, and there’s nothing that will ever tear apart our bond.”
Con looked at him, a wide smile in place. “Brothers.”
Donna Grant, Torched

Donna Grant
“They came together in a tangle of limbs as they touched each other, the kiss wild and feverish. A groan tore from him as her hands roved over his shoulders and down his back. Her caress was light and sensual, as if her desire seeped like magic from her fingertips into his skin everywhere she touched.”
Donna Grant, Torched

Iris Murdoch
“That's how vile I am! I live Ireland, I breathe Ireland, and Christ how I loathe it, I wish I were a bloody Scot, that's how bloody awful it is being Irish! I think I hate Ireland more than I hate the theatre, and that's saying something!”
Iris Murdoch, The Sea, The Sea

Donna Grant
“Do you normally take the time to get to know those you’re sent to kill?”
Donna Grant, Torched

James Joyce
“The glow of a late autumn sunset covered the grass plots and walks. It cast a shower of kindly golden dust on the untidy nurses and decrepit old men who drowsed on the benches; it flickered upon all the moving figures - on the children who ran screaming along the gravel paths and on everyone who passed through the gardens.”
James Joyce, A Little Cloud

Iris Murdoch
“I have never lived in Ireland, though I retain a sentimental sense of connexion with that poor bitch of a country.”
Iris Murdoch, A Severed Head

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Karen James, Always: You'll Never Walk Alone - Journey's End

Erin Forbes
“Though we are the fair ones, women are not to be trifled with!”
Erin Forbes, Fire & Ice: The Kindred Woods

Marialuisa Gingilli
“Forse poteva sembrare che avessi fatto tutto per te, per il tuo amore, per il tuo cuore, ma ogni scelta, in realtà, l’avevo presa in funzione della mia vita, del mio futuro e non per l’abbaglio di due meravigliosi occhi verdi.”
Marialuisa Gingilli, Solo per me

Jimmy Dore
“If it wasn't anti-Semitic to do it to South Africa, it's not anti-Semitic to do it to Israel.”
Jimmy Dore

“It's okay to be green.
It's okay to be Irish.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Hope Jahren
“Ireland is so saturated with green that it's the things that not green catch one's eye: the roads, walls, shorelines, even sheep, seem to have been placed as contrast, strategically positioned to organize the vast expansion of green... In Ireland, you can bask in fact that you have been benevolently outnumbered by these first and better life forms. Standing in a peat bog in Dingle, you can not help wondering what Ireland was like before you and other primates scrambled upon its shore.”
Hope Jahren, Lab Girl

Edward Falco
“Ah, the Irish. We’re a hopeless lot.”
Edward Falco, The Family Corleone

Donna Grant
“V slowly pulled her toward him. “You’re beautiful in the moonlight.”
Donna Grant, Ignite

Donna Grant
“Just because you love someone doesna preclude you from hurting them.”
Donna Grant, Ignite

Elizabeth McGivern
“I lived in Ireland. This meant it was only summer for 24 hours and the rest of the time it’s freezing.”
Elizabeth McGivern, Amy Cole Has Lost Her Mind

Patrick Radden Keefe
“The body is a fantastic machine,’ Hughes told Mackers in one of his Boston College interviews, recounting the grueling sequence of a hunger strike. ‘It’ll eat off all the fat tissue first, then it starts eating away at the muscle, to keep your brain alive.’ Long after Hughes and Price called an end to their strikes and attempted to reintegrate into society, the nursed old grudges and endlessly replayed their worst wartime abominations. In a sense, they never stopped devouring themselves.”
Patrick Radden Keefe, Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland

Patrick Radden Keefe
“Who should be held accountable for a shared history of violence? It was a question that was dogging Northern Ireland as a whole.”
Patrick Radden Keefe, Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland