Inspirational Suspense Quotes

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Dani Pettrey
“God's ways often didn't make sense upon first glance.”
Dani Pettrey, Still Life

“I'm tired of hurting, Lord. I'm tired of being scared. I'm tired of losing.”
Dana Mentink

Elizabeth Goddard
“Maybe we can pray and God answers in ways we can't see and it doesn't all happen spontaneously. Maybe it's about the journey, too."

(Undercover Protector)”
Elizabeth Goddard

Jessica R. Patch
“You and me, we're like magnets from here on out.”
Jessica R. Patch, Final Verdict

Connie Mann
“Something dangerous was simmering just below the surface. She could feel it.”
Connie Mann, Hidden Threat

Karin Kaufman
“Forgiving someone never alters what they did. That never changes."

(Bitter Roots)”
Karin Kaufman

“I could use some mercy right now, Lord.

(The Bounty Hunter's Baby)”
`Erica Vetsch

Susan Sleeman
“My faith has pretty much been on the rocks for a while now.”
Susan Sleeman, Fatal Mistake

Jessica R. Patch
“Shep needed this to go down quiet and fast.”
Jessica R. Patch, Deep Waters

Susan Sleeman
“You can't be responsible for everything, Cole. That's a heavy burden only God can bear.”
Susan Sleeman, No Way Out

Susan Sleeman
“You'll find no one more qualified than me to have your back.”
Susan Sleeman, Thread of Suspicion

Susan Sleeman
“I know how to move under sniper fire, you don't. You with me?”
Susan Sleeman, Dark Tide

Jordyn Redwood
“It only took a second to fire a kill shot.”
Jordyn Redwood, Taken Hostage

Lynn H. Blackburn
“Somewhere, probably nearby, there was someone who hated her so much they were willing to end her life and possibly a few more. Why?”
Lynn H. Blackburn, Beneath the Surface