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Taylor Caldwell
“. . . a statement that is repugnant to one's beliefs can be as true as one that is pleasurable.”
Taylor Caldwell, Dear and Glorious Physician

“A fearless mind is fearless because, it cannot see anything different from it. Fear of superiority and power comes only when we begin to differentiate.”
Rajasaraswathii, A Diary to win

Cindy Bauer
“I believe the Lord has chosen me to spread His word through my words and who am I to question His plans for me?”
Cindy Bauer, The Memory Box

Lisa M. Prysock
“You must remember also that He would never make any mistake in creating you. No matter what harsh and hateful words have been said to you, no matter the wrong actions against you, those opinions are not valid. The only valid opinion in which we can place true merit is that of God, and ultimately, your own.--Olivia Worthington of River Oaks Plantation”
Lisa M. Prysock, Protecting Miss Jenna

Carrie Daws
“Truth has little to do with belief. The sky is blue whether I believe it or not.”
Carrie Daws, Crossing Values

Clay Mitchell
“Perfection is found in the doing, not in the results.”
Clay Mitchell, Amid the Ashes and the Dust

Tessa Emily Hall
“Maybe she knew some day it would become my job. My job to complete the melody she had begun.”
Tessa Emily Hall, Unwritten Melody

Tessa Emily Hall
“This typewriter is the only one that has listened to me throughout the years, the only one who wants to know the girl beneath my layers.”
Tessa Emily Hall, Unwritten Melody

Robin Lee Hatcher
“She had long ago learned not to refuse when God brought a need to her attention.”
Robin Lee Hatcher, You'll Think of Me

Deborah Raney
“There's been too much hurt. Too much pain. I just want it to stop.”
Deborah Raney, Home at Last

J.P.     Robinson
“I’m a soldier. Believe me when I say that the greatest weapon anyone can use is not the sword but love. One day the world will see that and it won’t need men like me anymore.”
-Antoine (from Twiceborn)”
J.P. Robinson, Twiceborn

D.H. Barbara
“She despised weakness, especially her own. She'd seared most of her
emotional needs with the white-hit iron of self-reliance and
independence years before.
~Angels Unaware”
D.H. Barbara

D.H. Barbara
“You cannot blame our decisions on anyone, Moriah. They were all made by
you, alone.
Clarion, to Moriah
Angels Unaware”
D.H. Barbara

D.H. Barbara
“She looked at him. Amazed by his certainty that this would all turn out
fine. Humbled that he had any faith in Her after years of abuse at her
hand. Perplexed by the love her mistreatment didn't destroy.
~ Angels Unaware”
D.H. Barbara

Dawn Crandall
“Insufferable man! But I grinned all the way back upstairs.”
Dawn Crandall, The Captive Imposter

Lenora Worth
“Maybe he should start this healing journey by trying to figure out how to forgive himself? How could he expect true forgiveness from other is he didn't have the courage to look at himself in the eye and offer forgiveness to the man he'd become?”
Lenora Worth, Their Amish Reunion

Jessica Nelson
“It is a rare and precious thing in life to know what you want. Even more, to pursue it. ~Lord Dominic St. Raven”
Jessica Nelson, The Unconventional Governess

Lisa M. Prysock
“Would the hand of Providence permit such an irony of bleakness to prevail?...If so, to what purpose and end result?...Regardless of the answers, she now found herself in an imperfect union, with an imperfect family. They had real flaws and a myriad of complex emotions... She had little choice but to adjust accordingly if they were each to survive within it.”
Lisa M. Prysock, Persecution & Providence

Phyllis Edgerly Ring
“When we find the courage to face our pain, it always helps heal others, as well as ourselves”.”
Phyllis Edgerly Ring, Snow Fence Road

Renee Kinlaw
“Why didn’t you go after her?”
His father’s deep voice confronted his cowardice. Michael stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jeans, slumping his shoulders in the process as a child being scolded. He could not look at his father, he knew all too well the disapproving glare that was bound to chastise him.
“Love isn’t easy, Son.” His father’s hand on his shoulder offered understanding and friendship, far from the reprove he expected.
“But it is for you and mom.”
“No, Son, it isn’t.” His father admitted. “I think we need to talk. How about ordering us a pizza, while I settle in.” Guiding his son back to the house, Joseph felt the prick of thorns from the guilt of past mistakes.

“I can’t believe you and mom almost divorced.” Michael shook his head in disbelief at the story his father had shared with him.
“We came very close. Thankfully, my father, your grandfather, sat me down and shared his own marital struggles with me. None of us are exempt from them. I know you and Abigail are not talking marriage yet, but I see the way you look at her and I know, that it is just a matter of time. Love is a commitment, Michael, not a contract.” Joseph sat his empty coffee cup down on the table and spoke honestly with his son. “Either you love her enough to fight for her, or you don’t love her at all.”
“I do love her.”
“Then fight for her, Michael. That includes forgiving her, not just once, but each time she messes up.” Standing, Joseph handed Michael his Bible. “I have marked two passages I want you to read. Start with Isaiah 53 and end with 1 Corinthians 13. I think you will find your answers there.” Reaching his hand down to his boy, Joseph pulled him up into his embrace. “Sleep well, Son. Your mom and I are praying for you.”
Renee Kinlaw, Chasing Abigail