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“Under the stars,I tried to sleep,but for once in my life couldn't.My mutant super power-the ability to nod off at at the drop of a hat,any time,anywhere-had deserted me.”
James Lovegrove, The Age of Odin

“faith is when music stops but you continue dancing.”
Rudzani Ralph

“honesty is the greatest fruit one can find in a person.”
rudzani ralph

Neil Leckman
“Wheneve someone asks me, "Did you find everything alright?" I wonder to myself, "Is this a trick question?"

Maybe there is something that is not all right, and if I mention it first I get some exotic prizes!!”
Neil Leckman

“The is no master in love, WE are all learners.”
Rudzani Ralph

“There's an awful lot of coffee in the air, and a lot of awful coffee, too!”
John Simmons